Just a little note to folks. I have not been able to keep up with returning phones calls the past four weeks. The weather turned cold, more cattle feeding chores, some cold weather issues, a tad slow times with some family and not enough hours in the day. So there are a lot of folks that have not gotten called back. The list is long and I apologize for not having called folks back in a timely manner. It is not that I don’t care or that I don’t appreciate your contacting my about my cowdogs and puppies. When it got back to below zero and some snow came…well, I just had to take care of the livestock. I did get a couple of calls done in a day’s time. But that left a lot of other folks not getting called back.

I spent some time with a few repeat customers when they came for their cowdogs and believe me…we all got cold! Winter is almost a memory in the rear view mirror though. Spring cattle work will start next week. Cattle are needing to be poured, pastures need to be harrowed, preg checking needs to be done, calves need to be weaned and hauled home and hay fields need to be set aside for spring growth to make early summer hay. I sure hope there are Spring rains in the near future. It is very dry here, so a few timely showers of rain will be greatly appreciated.

We might have seen our last blast of snow yesterday. Today is in the 20’s and then I see 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on the weather forecast. Time to think Spring and to start some new young cowdogs on some basic work.

The cowdog production sale will be May 15th. I’ll be working on putting together a group of young cowdogs for the sale. I won’t be promoting the sale a lot this year. I want to keep things a little smaller and a little more personal for folks. Just watch my blog here for a category of “cowdogdays15″. I’ll post more in a few weeks. I am really looking forward to a break from winter.

Thank you for visiting my website, my blog and my Facebook pages. And, I sincerely appreciate the phone calls. If I have missed calling you, please give me another jingle.

This photo is yesterday morning – March 04, 2015 – maybe our last snow. It was “flurries in a hurry”!

Spring Snow...Wed. Mar. 04, 2015 005

~~ Peace on Earth ~~

Tammy’s Cowdogs…Facebook…added 15 new photos. 23 hrs · ~~ Peace on Earth ~~

Meeting the day, teens, skiff of snow, peaceful cattle, nuthatches twittering, lite breeze, damp air, cold hands, warm hearts, skippy little Liza my companion, rabbits munching weed-free hay, tracks in the chute and down the alley, calves munching hay, Mr. Tuesday and his mom, defrosting insulated backs, icy cow whiskers, yearlings grazing residue, gumballs, ‘x’ marks the spot, my cold hands on my mom’s back just like my dad used to do to her (lol…), happy Valentine’s day mom `xo xo’ Roy (my dad)…Friday the 13th in central Missouri NW Cole County.

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January 4th (Sunday) and January 6th (Tuesday) were ultra-cold days. I penned about two calves born on those days. Ms. Sunday and Mr. Tuesday. They have the same sire. Ms. Sunday’s mom is 14 and Mr. Tuesday’s mom is 17. Both those old rigs still have solid & good mouths, great feet, they are still milking good and they have raised calves every year of their productive mother lives. The 17 year old cow was a bawling weanling that rolled in here on a pot of heifers the year after my dad died. The 14 year old cow I raised and her grandmother was born the day my dad died in 1996. So these range sisters and I have quite a history together. And they have never had calves get cold enough to frost back their ears. It generally takes about 30 days for the frosted ears to begin to peel off and shorten up. It was cold again today, but before the day ended I thought I’d buzz down to see if I could get some pictures of the brother & sister. They are pretty nice calves even if they have shortened up ears. Mr. Tuesday is the little fella that had to be taken home to the barn and I helped him learn how to nurse. He would perk up and get all hungry excited when I’d talk to him and now he is the typical calf that you poured your heart and soul into to save. He looks at me now with a, “Who are you?” look. Kinda breaks your maternal heart to be forgotten so soon! ~Life in the pasture

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There have been geese & ducks making their way N for over a week, maybe two. Flying really high, you cannot see them but you can hear them. Yesterday, a large bunch of different types of birds landed just at dark. This morning, about 1/2 of the birds were still here. There were 6 large white birds and 4 smaller white birds. There were some mallards in the flotilla and they quacked around with their distinctive quack, whack, whack. By mid afternoon, 1/2 the birds had left and the other 1/2 peddled with their faces to the W wind and they stayed in W forward motion. One small white bird was still here and laying in the same place on the bank…it was on the bank early in the morning and stayed on the bank until I tried to sneak up to take some pictures. Then the little white bird slowly went to the water and paddled around like it was looking for some of its other white friends. The little white bird let the wind take it E through the other geese and ducks, then it would turn around and paddle back W and inquired with the geese and ducks as it made its way to the bank again. Poor little white bird could hardly keep its eyes open. It paddled around with its eyes shut. Little dickens seems worn slick. And it is to get down in the single digits with the wind to pick up to 30 mph and snow after midnight. It best buddy up to some of the fat geese for some thermal love tonight. These are some really large and chubby geese. Even the mallards looked slick. Been a fine wintering place they were staying at for the last few months. My photos are a bit fuzzy…i was shaking so bad with cold hands & I was just not feeling the love of the cold, damp air. ~Whack, Quack, Quack

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~~ Frosty Pies ~~

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Look…frost on the winter pumpkins…oops, guess it is cow dung. It is good stuff those poo piles. It is going to be a day that is good “to the core”…sun is out, nuthatch birds are skampering up ‘n down the trees looking for the tree residents to poke their heads out for a glimpse of the sun. Ranching is a fun life…lots of diversity in a day or night. Lets one wish for “let there be peace on earth”…it sure can begin with me.

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Last night coming home from the W. 1st I see the bright thing in the E sky. Look over my shoulder and behind me is a bright thing in the W sky. Then, the bright thing below Orion. Need to check these out again.

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~~ Last One? ~~

Tammy’s Cowdogs …Facebook…added 3 new photos. February 5 at 7:31am · Last One?

May be one of the last single digit mornings with a little below zero chill. Best catch it, eh! The ole man in the moon is driving late again and still hanging out in the high W sky. I do see that the moon’s position of the cantaloupe fanny is on the left at 0700 and not on the right at 0400…wow…who spun the moon around? Ridin’ the tilt. Spring is in the air…I heard Nuthatch birds yesterday twittering and tweeting on the black walnut tree by the garden. I was cleaning up the E granary making ready for cattle cake and could hear the Nuthatches chattering while I chased the sparrow poop out the door. Watch your step when you go out this morning…that little layer of freezing rain is tricky and sneaky.

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