The mightiest oak tree was once just a tiny little nut that held its ground. –Author Unknown.

FB Post July 20, 2015 10:07 PM.
A few tenths of rain early this morning yields pockets of steam that became rolling boiling steam streams long about 11 AM. All that steam will give the mighty red, white, black and burr oaks motivation to reach for the sky with their 2015 growth in NW Cole County Missouri. All that steam will give Tammy sweat running off my brow…into my eyes. Felt like a mop today but it could have been worse…at least it was cloudy for part of the day! Got the tedder wheels pulled off and bearings serviced. I had a lot of help…9 of the regular cowdog crew as supervisors. Cowdog Martin is working on learning how to be a mechanic. Cowdog Martin is named after my vet friend Doc Martin. Cowdog Martin is Cowdog Ducchess’s first born pup in Ducchess’s first litter. Cowdog Martin was large at birth and was blocking the pelvic opening and Doc Martin and I were a tag team on the floor of Quail Valley Vet Clinic at 11:30 PM. Ducchess is so mentally tough that when she would have contractions she would just block out the contraction and just look at me. I get her to the vet clinic, we give her a shot to help her and she still is just overriding the contractions. So, the tag team of me massaging the pup to the pelvic opening and Doc Martin and his big fingers trying to expand the pelvic area, Ducchess trying to snap at him, me holding Ducchess down and pushing on the pup, Doc Martin cussing at Ducchess, and we finally get the dang pup out. Doc Martin dries the pup, puts it in a cooler with a glove of warm water, I take Ducchess out to the pickup, Doc Martin gives me the cooler with the red pup, and I am on my way back home. Ducchess has another pup in the seat (Cowdog Tom), I get her home and in the basement and she is shelling out pups like a race horse. Motherhood! Friend Doc Martin had an accident on Saturday while loading square bales on a wagon and he was flown to the U of MO. This afternoon, his wife Stacie (also a vet) wrote that Martin has made tremendous strides today,he was moved from ICU and is surprising his docs and nurses with his progress the past 24 hours. The power of prayer is obvious and we pray on for Doc Martin and thank the Lord for being gracious and merciful.

Sunday, July 19, 2015, I spent 5 hours transferring Facebook posts and some photos for each post to my blog.
It is now a few hours later and I see that many of the posts I put here today have the photos missing.
If I get a chance, I might try to link the photos again to the posts here on my blog. I am at the photo limit for WordPress and it doesn’t make sense for me to purchase more storage for my blog. So, I put up one or more representative photos for each post. Now, they are gone from my blog posts.
Frustrating to say the least. Just a waste of time for the day. So, if you’d like to see the photos for each ranch work post, you will just have to logon to Facebook and search for Tammy’s Cowdogs, Tammy’s Cowdogs Page…OR…Tammy Cowdog Goldammer. Tammy Cowdog Goldammer is where all my posts originate from and then I share the story and photos across my various follower formats.
I wish the photos disappearing was as simple as saying, “Martin must have eaten them. Martin is always hungry.”


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~~ CitriStim…E. coli Binder ~~
An additive for horses, cattle, cowdogs around here. Binds up bacterial E. coli and sweeps it on out of the body. It totally cleared up my bladder infection issue years ago. I get the ADM loose mineral with CitriStim, capsicum, and a binder for certain fungus issues. Been mixing in CitriStim, Prosponse yeast (ADM product name), chili powder and other spices to rid the weanlings of some advanced ergovaline toxicity issues.
CitriStim is a by-product of the citrus industry…citric acid presscake.

FB Post…July 18, 2015, 9:12 PM · Edited ·
~~ Broken Leg Heifer & Nearly Gutted Steer…Progress ~~
I’ve doodled before that I have seen some terrible animal wrecks in my life. But on March 16th when a weanling heifer broke a hind leg into and the bones were sticking out and the leg was flopping in the wind…I thought, “Oh geez, best take her to the butcher shop.” But I slathered her hind leg up with Sombra Warm Therapy gel and wrapped it in kitchen towels, Co-Flex and a PVC splint, put her in the hay barn, kept her fed and watered, and just let her be. Several weeks later, I unwrapped it all and the bone was still pokin’ through and the leg was still floppy. I slathered her back up with Sombra, wrapped it in kitchen towels and Co-Flex and thought I’d just make burger out of her once she got past drug withdrawal. There was not any infection in the wound or the leg. More weeks went by, my mom fell ill, I was running on fumes. On a Saturday morning, I unwrapped the heifer’s leg thinking I’d just take her to town on Monday. I pert neart fell over when the wrap was off. The broken leg was stable, the hide had grown back over the bone hole and the only problem was where the Co-Flex had slipped one wrap down to the pastern and the heifer kept tugging it tighter and she had pulled it so much that the Co-flex was like a tourniquet around the pastern and the entire hoof was nearly severed. Things had gone from bad to worse it seemed. I cleaned it up and sprayed it really good with Udder Comfort, turned her back to her barn digs and thought I’d just have to take her to the butcher on Monday. Well, that Saturday afternoon is when I had to take my mom to the ER. Life had gone from worse to ‘worser’. The heifer kept going past “Go” while I took care of my mother in the hospital. Each Saturday, I get the heifer in to clean up her nearly severed foot and spray it with Udder Comfort. A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of her foot’s progress. And I am here again with a new foto of the hind leg. Everybody say, “Miracle!” The heifer is doing great. Moves around like she has zero limp, the leading edge of the wound is a pretty as can be. Only little bobble is she needs her feet trimmed to get her toes shortened and squared up so that she can set her foot down square to the ground. Her hoof just grew out of shape since she’s been off her feet for so long…basically March 16th through June. I got a new trimming blade today and in a month or so I’ve give her a pedi. I want to give her more time to let the leg get stronger.
The nearly gutted steer that I found hanging over the top of a 5-strand barbed wire fence? No way on God’s green earth would I have thought the nearly gutted steer would heal up. But from my last report and fotos of a few weeks ago you cannot believe the exponential healing. Last Saturday when I peeked under his belly to clean him up I seen tiny white hairs coming through on some of the nearly forming hide. I was dancing inside, “OMG…new hair! Unbelievable!” For a steer that was basically skinned from his naval back past his scrotal sack and from flank to flank and loaded with maggot eggs…well, Tammy girl, you will never heal this up. As you can see from the fotos, this ole steer calf is a brand new man. His only issue is that his water line has a barbed wire puncture and he no longer pees out the end of his penis. He is like a soaker hose and squirts through the tiny hole which is just in front of where his full scrotum used to be. I had written back at the initial accident report that I was concerned about the integrity of his ability to pee but that he was dribbling urine out the end of his sheath and only time would tell if he had damage. This little steer has never once offered to get excited in the chute when I’ve been working on him. He was in such bad shape at the beginning that I think he knew then that I was only trying to help. Every time I clean him up and re-docter him he seems completely grateful…calm, no fuss. I credit the Udder Comfort yellow spray for healing up the steer. Look at how pretty the leading edge of the hide looks! From an exposed internal abdominal wall from his naval to way past where his scrotum used to be…just look! It is next to completely closed up. The steer also ran on by “Go”…when my mom was sick and in the hospital. I’d imagine that the broken leg heifer and the nearly gutted steer were not meant to wind up at the butcher shop. I guess my mom’s illness kept me distracted with good reason. It won’t be long and the heifer and the steer will be able to be turned out to pasture.
~Unbelievable. Thank you Lord.

Lower center of the photo…to the right of my index finger is a tiny hole. That is the urine escape hole.

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The folks that assemble machinery clearly have never had to “service” the things they make. They’d be putting those grease fittings in synchronized locations instead of drilling holes at random and screwing in zerks here ‘n there. ~Just Sayin’
I am not a fan of servicing equipment (lol…necessary evil) and my pores got a royal workout today in the heat and humidity. The day is leaving and the air is stuffy.

FB Post July 16 at 9:28pm · Edited ·
Two new Firestone rear tires on the Deere. Oh piggy bank…!
What a day. Did some more spraying at the S place…corrals, alleys, weaning lot, part of a ditch, then the S wind was too stiff and swirling all over the place. On the tail end of the day I was toodlin’ along and a sense of peace came into my mind, “5 years & 8 days and I feel like I can see progress…long overdue progress…that the worst is behind me.” The drought is gone, the pastures are filled with grass (albeit toxic fescue), I might be able to get my hay equipment out and start haying since the rain seems to be at bay, not many weeds to deal with, the cows look good, the steers are doing better, the broken leg heifer is a miracle and beginning to gain weight again, the nearly gutted steer is a walking miracle even though his water line has a barb wire hole in it and he leaks at the base of his former scrotum sack…but hey, he pees, and the drainage of a bad marriage has seeped away and my spiritual tank is sealed and healed like I just put a few bags of bentonite in the leaky spot. By God’s help and grace each day…I feel a sense of peace and accomplishment. ~Yep. Amen.

Bald Eagle

FB Post July 15 at 10:04pm ·
~~ Bald Eagle ~~
This morning as I finished up feeding calves and the cowdogs were fiddlin’ around the barn lot in the grass I seen a large bird come over a grove of trees, flying low, aiming towards the ground, like it was going to land, but instead it made a grasping pass at cowdog Levi. I was one screaming hot mess. It was a bald eagle trying to snatch at Levi. Fair warning ole bird…I’ve about had enough of you flying around here looking for food. Go find a rabbit. Scared the piss out of Levi and sure had my heart racing. Who would have thought!

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