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Just a little note to folks. I have not been able to keep up with returning phones calls the past four weeks. The weather turned cold, more cattle feeding chores, some cold weather issues, a tad slow times with some family and not enough hours in the day. So there are a lot of folks that have not gotten called back. The list is long and I apologize for not having called folks back in a timely manner. It is not that I don’t care or that I don’t appreciate your contacting my about my cowdogs and puppies. When it got back to below zero and some snow came…well, I just had to take care of the livestock. I did get a couple of calls done in a day’s time. But that left a lot of other folks not getting called back.

I spent some time with a few repeat customers when they came for their cowdogs and believe me…we all got cold! Winter is almost a memory in the rear view mirror though. Spring cattle work will start next week. Cattle are needing to be poured, pastures need to be harrowed, preg checking needs to be done, calves need to be weaned and hauled home and hay fields need to be set aside for spring growth to make early summer hay. I sure hope there are Spring rains in the near future. It is very dry here, so a few timely showers of rain will be greatly appreciated.

We might have seen our last blast of snow yesterday. Today is in the 20’s and then I see 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on the weather forecast. Time to think Spring and to start some new young cowdogs on some basic work.

The cowdog production sale will be May 15th. I’ll be working on putting together a group of young cowdogs for the sale. I won’t be promoting the sale a lot this year. I want to keep things a little smaller and a little more personal for folks. Just watch my blog here for a category of “cowdogdays15”. I’ll post more in a few weeks. I am really looking forward to a break from winter.

Thank you for visiting my website, my blog and my Facebook pages. And, I sincerely appreciate the phone calls. If I have missed calling you, please give me another jingle.

This photo is yesterday morning – March 04, 2015 – maybe our last snow. It was “flurries in a hurry”!

Spring Snow...Wed. Mar. 04, 2015 005

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