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Our family routine has been slowed up a bit.  My favorite uncle died after an unexpected 2 week critical issue. Some of you have met my Uncle Elmer and Aunt Della at my previous cowdog production sales.  Great folks, truly great folks. Della is my dad’s only sis that is living and she’s always been like a 2nd mom to me.

Please be patient, our family will get back on track.  And, to top it off, we are getting another several days of cold, wintry weather.  Looks like we are in the 6-10″ snow zone.  Little odd for us to be so cold and snowy this time of year. But, Spring is at the doorstep.

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Well.  Here we are.  It’s March 7, 2013!

Though the last year has not gone as planned…due to the extraordinarily HOT and dry summer/fall, the prolonged drought and feeding cows hay since June 2012, the wonderful feet of snow the last couple of weeks…I am still going to have my annual cowdog production sale…May 17th is the cowdog demonstrations and sale, followed by 2 days of cowdog and handler training for the new owners. The demos and sale are on Friday the 17th.

This event is simply a way for folks to take a tiny vacation and come and watch cowdogs work. There will be yearlings from Ducchess x Oscar, pups from Liza x Oscar and pups from Gabby x Oscar. Ducchess, Liza and Gabby are daughters of Bert x Hawk. I may have a couple of 2 – 4 year olds that are dogs that like corral and lot work. They have been used to do pasture gathering and pasture work but their real cup of tea is corral work. They are not long-strided speed dogs and tend to lag behind in gathering. They are heading and heeling cowdogs, not afraid of the kicks and dings of close work, listen really well, pleasant to be around, males, very good manners, good partners, and good personalities. Kind of “work the trenches” kind of cowdogs.

I have submitted my website updates to the Angus Assn. So watch my website home page and my blog. I will use my website blog as my source of updates, pictures, etc. It is easy to update and can be tinkered with at my work schedule convenience.

The notable changes are that my cowdog program is a closed breeding program and not subject to anyone else’s idea(s) of what a working cowdog is.  My breeding strategies are proprietary information and intellectual property of Tammy’s Cowdogs.  It is called, “progress”.

This picture is of Bert and Hawk.  Bert is the blue merle on the left, Hawk the black cowdog on the right.  Take a moment to go to my Home page and read, “Tribute to Bert”.  My cowdog program is built around the qualities, partnership, friendship and love that I was able to share with Bert and he with me.

TCD 110609-065

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