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Whelp Date:  July 13, 2012     (Pups will be ready to travel and leave here on September 21, 2012…10 weeks of age.)

Dam is a 50:50 head/heel cowdog.  Sire is a 60:40 head:heel cowdog.  Dam weighs around 44  lbs.  Sire weighs around 64 lbs.  Both parents have an erect ear style.

These pups are grandbabies of Bert x Hawk.  The pups have successfully completed their 1st vaccinations and have been internal parasite free.

Pups are all SOLD…to the deposit people.  Thank you very much to my customers and to everyone that has stopped by to look and inquire about my cowdogs and pups.  New litters will arrive this Fall.

These pictures were taken on August 22, 2012.  To identify each pup by number…just hover your cursor over each photo and a pup # and color/sex description will appear.

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Awoke this morning and instantly began to build the “list of things to do today” in my head.  It is “the weekend”!  Our church’s Fall Rummage Sale.  At 10:oo last night, I stopped in to check on my mom and I found a kitchen full of food.  Plus, the kitchen was all prep’d for bright and early this morning.  There were 2 lemon meringue pies…all but the meringue…sitting waiting for the final phase, “the mountain high meringue”…to be added this morning.  This morning at 6:30 a.m. my mom’s house is dark, the pies are gone, the dishes washed…no mom in sight.  A note lay by the oven on the counter, “Please do my chores.  I love you, Mom.”  I guess that means I am in charge today.  In charge of all the work!

The ladies at church have sifted and sorted through boxes and bags of things.  Neatly folded it all, put a price tag on it, stacked it and all the things await to be snatched up by folks.  The kitchen crew will be all smiles.  Eagerly awaiting to serve the community.  The community absolutely loves the church’s Fall Rummage Sale.  The folks at the bank will “call in their lunch order” as soon as the bank opens!  What will they have to eat?  Well, the community will feast on – meat loaf, homemade chicken ‘n noodles, spaghetti ‘n meat sauce, potato salad, from our gardens pickles, pickled beets, ham ‘n beans ‘n cornbread (maybe), and pies, pies, pies.  Maybe a few stray brownies and other desserts…but, those PIES.

So.  It is going to be a busy day here at the ranch.  The drought awaits me.  The cows are waiting to be fed hay.  The cowdogs are waiting to be cleaned, fed, watered, talked to.  The calves in the lots wait for a dribble of rationed out grain ‘n hay to balance out their hunger.  Where I go today will be filled with “feeding and tending to” the animals.  They depend on me.  Kinda like the community depends on our church ladies to bring “the food and pies” to the Fall Rummage Sale.

Take a minute today, if you can, and shut your eyes and say a ‘lil prayer to thank our heavenly Father for all he gives us.  Even the near 100F heat and wind that is to arrive again today!

Ooops, I need to add to my list of “to do’s” …post the new pictures of the cowdog puppies!  One more cup of Starbuck’s with Matt Carter’s Ohio maple syrup and I am outta here!

Make the most of your day!

P.S. – Bert I love you.  I miss you! ( I used to take him to eat a bite at the rummage sale.  What a cowdog & friend!)

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The Russellville/Lohman/Enon community churches are gathering tonight at the Russellville Baptist Church…7:30 p.m….we are having a prayer service to pray for AN END TO THE DROUGHT.  Please share & come!  There is ‘power’ in prayer.

2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

“Shout it out…pray for RAIN!”
FD413 talkin’ on Saturday, August 11, 2012.

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I was at a friend’s house Sunday night and decided to check my email.  Typing in “tammys cowdogs webmail” I got some search results that I was not anticipating.  There were 6 results that showed my keywords in my website link and the contact information for another person is embedded into my links.  A person who sold a cowdog business to me on January 08, 2008…a retirement that truly was not a “retirement”.  After 4 years and a matter of legal pursuit, the proof was in the pudding.  And now, the latest antic…over the last few months… is to embed contact information into my website keywords or to mix my website keywords into yours?

When you see a phone number that begins with an area code of 940…well, that is not my phone number.  And the email information for “windstream.net” is not mine.

Try instead to reach Tammy’s Cowdogs at tammy@tammyscowdogs.com or 573-782-4912 (landline) or 573-659-5971 (mobile).

So please disregard the area code information of “940” as this is an attempt to direct you away from my cowdog business via some crafty “switch-a-roo” tactics.

And to the people who think they are benefiting from these less than ethical ways, I say, “That’s fine…keep it up.”

You cannot surpass Bert.

Tammy’s Cowdogs…Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs…and the master cowdog “Bert”.

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