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Ah…alas…Tammy and the cowdogs are still here. We never left. We never quit. We are still raising retained ownership feeder cattle and feeding cattle in SW Nebraska. We are still AI’ing SimAngus cows…reds and blacks. We are still calving in Autumn. Puppies are still being raised. Young cowdogs are still being shown around the place to let them grow up into working cowdogs. We still gather cattle from pastures, bring them home to the working facilities on the various locations/pastures, and we still sort and process cattle.

What has changed? Well, in September of 2015, the matriarch of Tammy’s cowdogs passed away. Cowdog Hawk joined Cowdog Bert and they met up again in the loving and peaceful arms of God in heaven. Even though the sun still came and went each day, the sense of a normal life was completely shattered. A month later, I had to put down my oldest horse friend…Eight  2015 was just a bad year. Yet, despite the terrible hands dealt I carried on with raising planned litters of cowdog pups for my customers. Nineteen young cowdogs were started and moved along to their new working ranch homes. All the life of 2015 went on without broadcasting fanfare. There was too much work to do to spend time in the broadcasting booth.

I made a decision to lessen my work of keeping four written updates going on at the same time. With all the technology in our lives I was being buried for hours with keeping up to the minute with everything “techie”. Cell phone ringing, cell phone messages chirping notifications to me, text messages coming in, email notes flying through the cyber air, landline phone stacking up with voicemail messages, Facebook (FB) hack attacks messing with my oldest Facebook timeline, Facebook hackers to my Tammy’s Cowdogs FB page, FB automatically transitioning my FB timeline to a second FB page (without notice),and FB denying my access to my own FB pages. My website blog (here) being facilitated by WordPress and WordPress not being totally compatible with FB and posts and pictures being lost in thin air. My nine year old smart phone took a death fall and cracked up on a sharp rock in October 2015 and after four months of limping along with a cracked phone screen I bit the bullet in January 2016 and took a day off to go get a new smart phone. Low and behold, the AT&T techs could not get my email to work on my “smart phone” and I am into August 2016 and still do not have email on my smart phone. But hey! Life has gone on without email on my smart phone. I mention all this trivial stuff because I made the decision to lesson my work. Being a slave to gadgets beeping and collecting requests from folks was just a full-time job and there wasn’t time left for me.

I maintain a FB presence on a daily basis. FB is simple, easy, sometimes cranky, yet it is the ease of use that has trumped all the other technological accesses to my ranching and cowdog business life. During the fall of 2015, I transitioned all my contact information to an office address and set the wheels in motion to nix the landline. My posting to my blog (here) was suspended when Hawk died. Even with a narrowed up social media presence I still have to spend a few hours a day or night to visit with folks on a one-on-one basis. The Spring litter of pups came and have left.The Fall litters of pups will be here soon and they are all sold. The started cowdogs being worked with are sold and will leave once I get through with Fall calving and early Winter CIDR/AI work. So, as usual, I am sold out of pups and young started cowdogs for the remainder of 2016. Life does go on. It doesn’t end until God calls us home.

I am very lucky to have such a solid customer base for my cowdog program and for the cattle program that we work with each day. It has been a long, hot, humid summer in 2016 and it will be a welcomed relief to have some rain show up to grow grass and hopefully put the pastures in better condition before going into Winter.

If you want to follow along on what goes on here each day please consider trailing along on Facebook. Facebook is easy to use and you can limit your social exposure by being selective in creating a list of folks to follow on Facebook. Here is the link to my Facebook timeline… https://www.facebook.com/TammyJCowdogGoldammer . You should be able to copy this link, paste the link into your browser, and get routed directly to logging in to your Facebook account or if you are currently on Facebook the link will take you to the Facebook site of Tammy Goldammer. You can also find Facebook pages Tammy’s Cowdogs and Tammy’s Cowdogs Page. The pages are not updated each day simply because I just don’t keep them linked. When things go haywire with FB automatic linking then I just let it go and move on. So, the best bet until I mentally make up my mind to tackle all the technological snafus is to just search Facebook for Tammy Goldammer.

Anyway. Tammy and the cowdogs are still here…working…taking life a day at a time…and planning on our future of tomorrows. The retained ownership cattle business has one certainty, “What I do today is how prepared I will be for 15-18 months from now.”

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FB Post…
Sunday, September 06, 2015…written Sept. 07, 2015, 3:10 AM
~~ Cowdog Hawk…Sunday, September 06, 2015 ~~
Hawk and I spent the evening laying on the floor by the big brown chair watching TV. She and I were curled together just like old times…friends to the end. A little before midnight, with her head laying on my arm she looked at me, blinked her eyes, and took in her last earthly air. Her spirit and soul now take in the cool breezes of Heaven. Her nose to the wind, her ears perked upright and the look of a warrior on her face, as I say, “Coyote?..!!” She was fearless, fast, smart, funny, loving, the mother to seven litters of pups to Daddy Bert, and the best grandmother to her children’s little ones. Hawk was the Queen and all others greeted her as such, loved her as such, and gave her the respect earned by a Queen. Bert was her only lover. Hawk raised her last litter of pups the year of 2010 when Daddy Bert died on September 6, 2010. Hawk left me to be with Daddy Bert on September 6, 2015. It is no coincidence that she left me on the same day as Daddy Bert left us. Hawk loved Bert as much as she loved me and I believe she picked her day to move on to see Daddy Bert again. We buried my dad on September 07, 1996. The three things I have loved most in life all buried on the same damn day. The doctoring things are put away. The dishes are washed. The laundry is done. Daylight will bring our last walk to the backyard together. I love her. My heart is broken. I know all too well the cruelness of death and regardless of how I feel the sun will continue to come and go..Some days, I hate life just as much as I hate death. Long may Momma Dog and Daddy Bert run with the angels.

A little more…Hawk was doing really well on the herbal/holistic medicines. She has not had a fever since Thursday evening. A different vet suggested I use a prescribed diet canned food. I gave it to Hawk on Friday evening and by Saturday morning I could tell it has upset her stomach. I tried buffering the issue but was just too late to stop the acid upset. I just should have not taken the vet’s advice and should have continued with what was working and left the vet’s advice go in one ear and out the other.

Drought Year 2012 on a 100+ degree afternoon...My Beloved Hawk...Momma Dog.  Mother of seven litters of pups from Cowdog Daddy Bert. May she have angels wings to fly to meet up with Bert. I love you Hawk.

Drought Year 2012 on a 100+ degree afternoon…My Beloved Hawk…Momma Dog. Mother of seven litters of pups from Cowdog Daddy Bert. May she have angels wings to fly to meet up with Bert. I love you Hawk. I love you too Bert.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015, 2:12 PM
~~ Dogfood Dilemma is Over ~~
Since 2002, I have primarily been a PMI Exclusive dog food user. One winter, the Purina staff came out and wanted to reformulate their PMI dog food line and I had an ideal set-up plus had been asking about including probiotics or protein/carbohydrate digesting enhancers in their top of the line dog food. All was good until the contract for the manufacturing of the dry food was changed to a different company/set of companies. Some of the sourcing of the ingredient suppliers changed as well. ADM had approached me to help them with a redo of their top of line dog food. I helped them too. Used their product until I began to notice issues with the dog poo, the dog eating habits, the lack of desire to eat. Turns out the company had made a change in the manufacturing entity and that entity was sourcing ingredients which while labeled “the same” were definitely “not the same”. The animals used in the dog food commodity were eating different rations/diets than the previous sources of dog food commodity ingredient suppliers. The end result was the poultry industry diets were different therefore the dog food industry products were now performing differently. That old saying, “You are what you eat” was letting the cat out of the sack. After several months of pleading, a ton of better dog food and then back to terrible dog food…I made a change. I spoke with a friend who raises sled dogs and runs in the circles of some of the winning teams and breeders for the Iditarod racing and other sled dog races. I contacted a company called “Redpaw”. Roots of this company were in Iowa, then moved many years ago to Wisconsin, and a company that did not start as a corporation but as a person with dog sled breeding and racing roots. I placed an order for the three products in these photos and got 3 ton of product in. Nearly 50 days later, I am completely sold on how the cowdogs are turning it around. Improved appetite and excited to be fed. They eat less. Their poop is spot-on healthy. Hair coat shows more sheen. But the greatest benefit so far in the regular working crew is their condition, stamina, heat tolerance and overall attitude change of being out traveling and working in the heat and humidity. All that said, I know that I am excited to see how the winter performance is going to be. A big shout-out to the company owner for his visits with me. A thank you to the distributor for Redpaw for setting my account up and for the excellent delivery service. What a relief to have a product line-up to test and to be happy with!

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~~ UPDATE…Wednesday, May 13, 2015 a.m. ~~ CANCELLED…cowdogdays15 – May 15-17, 2015 … CANCELLED due to forecast of rain for Thursday through Monday. The weather forecast has rain setting in beginning late tonight (Wednesday the 13th) and sticking around until Monday the 18th. If the chances were for spotty showers we could handle “spotty showers” but the percentages are 80, 60, 40, and 40. I need the rain, I cannot use the barn this year for the demos, so the cowdog sale must be cancelled. I’ve visited with a lot of southern folks and Texas folks who sure wish they could miss out on anymore rain for awhile. I just hope the coming rainy days leave a couple of inches of rain here. ~~ UPDATE…Monday, May 11, 2015 a.m. ~~ Since 2009, I have been having a cowdog production sale in the spring…middle of May. It has been over 100 degrees, dirty, and miserable. It has been in the 70’s and pouring down rain, muddy and miserable. I’ve had an indoor barn to use when the weather was just horrid. This year, I won’t have the indoor barn to use. It has hay in it. It is to rain Thurs. through Sunday…according to 2 of 3 TV stations. Should I cancel/postpone the cowdog demos, sale and client work days? It is Monday, let me know if you will still attend if it is raining. Send me a note/email to tammy@tammyscowdogs.com to let me know. I already know of 5 families that cannot make it now…rains and flooding will keep some home, snow from May 10th will keep 2 families at home since they are calving and now have cattle indoors/fighting with the mud, and one family with a child with a broken leg. I will plan to have the events and make the final decision by Wednesday morning – May 13, 2015. I am leaning to “cancelling” for now. But, am open to following through on a small scale if you are up to wearing rain gear. If the rain is to be thunderstorm-type weather…well, things will definitely be cancelled. tammy@tammyscowdogs.com is listed on my website http://www.tammyscowdogs.com “Contact” page. Click around to find it, send me a note, and we will go from there. I’ll just have to set a new date or do a series of field days/demos in June (work around the heat/humidity). http://www.tammyscowdogs.com

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The format for the cowdog production sale will be the same as previous sales. The activities begin at noon on Friday. It is a good idea to arrive by 11:30 or so, to get registered, grab a bite to eat and get acquainted with the surroundings. Please refer back to cowdogdays14, cowdogdays13 blog posts for a little more general info and to see how things went at previous sales.

I hope to have five 6-month old pups for the sale, a couple of yearlings and maybe an older cowdog that is pretty much an all-around cowdog. I’ll post pictures this week some time with some data. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s ranch work. I had 60 bull calves to work so I had the pups out for the work day. My Facebook post for the day was:

~~ Home Schooling ~~
Yes, I’m a “home schooler”. Today, the next five new potential cowdogs spent several hours at the corrals. They got to browse the pens, the alley, through the chute, then to the pickup to watch their great-grandma Hawk, great-aunt Ducchess, and great-uncle Bandit work 60 bull calves. It was hot today and they are not used to the heat, but they took it all in, got a water break, and took in more watching. Then they got to browse more when the cattle work was all done. They were tuckered out by the time they spent several hours doing things and watching “the big cowdogs”. I know my feet are tired. And, the laundry lady will need to put some baking soda in the water to get the green out of the jeans. We need “rain”…runnin’ the sprinkler to cut the dust. Dirt + pollen has me weeping water from my eyes and working with a runny nose. ~Tylenol, Alavert

PS…I see that a lot of my posts for the last 6 months are no longer available. That is due to Facebook account changes during the last three weeks. It is a technical thing, a headache…as they say, “It’s complicated.” I don’t plan to re-do these posts here on my blog. It took dozens of hours to post the fall calving, fall AI work, and winter cattle work…so I don’t plan to take the time to replace the posts. Wrong time of year…too much other stuff to do. Sorry. Plus, I have had to take care of some unforeseen family matters for my mother the last couple of months. All the little glitches just chew up a person’s time and has made me late in getting my cowdog sale pulled together.

Keep tabs on my blog here for sale updates, weather updates. With the odd spring, some folks are late in planting crops, getting spring calving behind them, getting cattle to grass. Some folks have already said they cannot make the May sale and are planning on coming to look at cowdogs and watch demos during June. When it gets ultra-hot in July & August, the demo time will slow way down. So, if you cannot make it to the sale in May, just send me an email or call. We can work something out for a visit later on.

If something happens and I have to postpone the sale…I’ll post by May 13, 2015 (Wednesday) that the sale day (May 15th) is postponed. Sometimes we have to work with life’s “curve balls”. Thank you for visiting my website, my blog, and my 3 Facebook sites. I’ll get that FB stuff corralled and streamlined – someday!

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Just a little note to folks. I have not been able to keep up with returning phones calls the past four weeks. The weather turned cold, more cattle feeding chores, some cold weather issues, a tad slow times with some family and not enough hours in the day. So there are a lot of folks that have not gotten called back. The list is long and I apologize for not having called folks back in a timely manner. It is not that I don’t care or that I don’t appreciate your contacting my about my cowdogs and puppies. When it got back to below zero and some snow came…well, I just had to take care of the livestock. I did get a couple of calls done in a day’s time. But that left a lot of other folks not getting called back.

I spent some time with a few repeat customers when they came for their cowdogs and believe me…we all got cold! Winter is almost a memory in the rear view mirror though. Spring cattle work will start next week. Cattle are needing to be poured, pastures need to be harrowed, preg checking needs to be done, calves need to be weaned and hauled home and hay fields need to be set aside for spring growth to make early summer hay. I sure hope there are Spring rains in the near future. It is very dry here, so a few timely showers of rain will be greatly appreciated.

We might have seen our last blast of snow yesterday. Today is in the 20’s and then I see 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on the weather forecast. Time to think Spring and to start some new young cowdogs on some basic work.

The cowdog production sale will be May 15th. I’ll be working on putting together a group of young cowdogs for the sale. I won’t be promoting the sale a lot this year. I want to keep things a little smaller and a little more personal for folks. Just watch my blog here for a category of “cowdogdays15”. I’ll post more in a few weeks. I am really looking forward to a break from winter.

Thank you for visiting my website, my blog and my Facebook pages. And, I sincerely appreciate the phone calls. If I have missed calling you, please give me another jingle.

This photo is yesterday morning – March 04, 2015 – maybe our last snow. It was “flurries in a hurry”!

Spring Snow...Wed. Mar. 04, 2015 005

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Here on my blog, I am sharing some of my working ranch Facebook (FB) posts from Tammy’s Cowdogs FB Timeline. To view all of the photos, you can click on the blog story title or click on the FB icon. You may need to login to FB. The “Like” counts and the comments will not automatically update from FB back to my blog posts. So, if you want to see and read the current comments from folks you will probably have to login to FB and look up Tammy’s Cowdogs Timeline. The second FB site for Tammy’s Cowdogs is “Tammy’s Cowdogs Page”. Tammy’s Cowdogs Page is held for posting of cowdog sale information and it was created because my FB Timeline of Tammy’s Cowdogs is max’d out at the 5,000 Friends level. You should be able to still “Follow” my FB Timeline though.

The goal in sharing the FB posts back to my blog is to give more folks the opportunity to follow along on the daily ranch posts that I share on FB. I do not have all the bugs ironed out of the sharing between FB and my blog software so things may seem a bit redundant. It is a work in progress. The “Share” process should go from FB Tammy’s Cowdogs Timeline -> blog -> FB Tammy’s Cowdogs Page …lol…but the last “Share” step is not always happening. Technical glitch.

I give credit to my cowdog Mr. Bert for giving me a cattle & ranch life that was filled with joy and lots of good times processing cattle. And, I thank the Lord for his gift of a great cowdog that I found with my little puppy Mr. Bert. I wish each and every day that I still had Bert’s larger than life presence with me…walking around with me. But he is gone and I have learned to cope the last 4 and a 1/2 years to get things done with Bert & Hawk’s sons & daughters.

The 3-tier DNA testing of a bunch of purchased cowdogs, the research studies with advancing better dry dog food products, the pharmaceutical research studies involving internal and external parasite control…have all led to setting in place a cowdog breeding program that is based on “known” factors and genetics. Genetic profiles, nutritional standards and health management practices have been tested and allowed for no more guessing about what I might get from litter to litter. I am the same way with my retained ownership cattle program…19 years into a genetic program that creates high performance cattle raised on the pastures of central Missouri. Toss in years of below moisture and drought and you really get a feel for how your genetic strategies will or won’t work. No matter what you do with cattle…you still need air, water and grass to raise beef.

Thank you to all the folks that have visited and purchased cowdogs and pups from me during the last several years. I’ve met a lot of neat folks and been able to build a good base of repeat customers. The common goal for all the folks that I do business with is to have a good, dependable, reliable working cowdog. We are not about papering litters or cowdogs that can be used for trading or for creating litter after litter of pups to sell on the internet. We want a closed cowdog breeding program so that we can continue on with a known gene pool with solid results.

The training information which can be purchased via my website is still the book and DVD that was a part of my purchase of Charlie Trayer’s Trayers’ Cowdogs business (January 08, 2008). You can read more about that purchase here on my blog category of “Trayers’ Cowdogs”. If Mother Nature cooperates and there is good rainfall and pasture conditions in 2015, there may be time to update the book and the video. In the big picture, I own and operate a cow/calf operation and the daily work of the ranch uses the majority of my time.

Thank you for visiting my website, the blog and my FB sites. ~Tammy & the Cowdogs

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Bert...Tribute to Bert...on my website Home/Welcome Page describes what my cowdog standards are for my working cowdogs.

Bert…Tribute to Bert…on my website Home/Welcome Page describes what my cowdog standards are for my working cowdogs.

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Tammy’s Cowdogs
Monday, January 19, 2015

Me: “Peg? Have you seen the ‘roll’ of toilet paper I had on the shelf?”
Peg: “Toilet paper ‘roll’…? No.”

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The pups received their last vaccination a few days ago and all is going well. I will be giving them their last deworming in a day or two. Despite the below zero and cold days, I have been taking them outside to play while I do chores. I think all of them have found the horses and had to learn “no” and not hunt for and bother the horses. The pups will be ready to travel by the end of this week.

Here are some pictures. The pictures of Peg were taken on 12-25-14. The pictures of the other 5 in the litter were taken on 01-01-15. Peg was bit by her mother when she was 2.5 weeks old and I brought her to the house to take care of her. I never put her back with the other pups since she had been out of the group for more than 2 weeks and did not want to risk the other pups sorting Peg off and ganging up on her. Peg is ahead of the others in that she leads, ties, goes up/down steps and knows the word ‘no’. There is nothing wrong with Peg. Peg’s story is in the FB and blog posts of, ~~ Ah, Why Bother ~~.

The pups in the group pictures are numbered from left to right, and if vertical, top to bottom. The sexes of the pups are: Females = 1 (Peg), 2…Males = 3,4,5,6 (Blue merles to black). Pup 5 is sold (white with black spots). In a few of the pictures you can see the mother at the fence. She is black with short stockings on her front legs. The sire to this litter is a blue merle and weights about 68#. The mother will mature out to a weight of 45-50#. These dogs don’t hit their full mature & final weight until they are 3-3.5 yrs. old. They will add a few pounds between years 2-4.

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Tammy’s Cowdogs added 4 new photos.
January 1 at 6:39pm · Edited ·

~~Today? We Played.~~
Even though the last few days have been cold…down to 10F…this group of pups has been put out to play while I do the chores. It was chilly today and windy but they found some ice chunks to wrestle with, sticks to keep away from each other and tug-o-war for at least 45 minutes. They didn’t want to go back to their clean pen so we are at the stage of avoiding me when I want to put them in for the night. But they sure get droopy & sleepy once I get them all back in their pen. Their dad is a son of Sage (that I raised) and their mom is Gabby…a daughter of Bert & Hawk.

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