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August 30, 2013, Friday Morning.

Good Morning.  On Friday evening (August 23, 2013), a white male shot a cow and her unborn calf. The cow was innocently grazing in a pasture some distance from the highway…Route U in western Cole County. The cow and the unborn calf died at approximately 5:15 AM on Saturday morning at the ranch homeplace. A veterinarian retrieved the bullet from the murdered cow.

The owner – of the ranch and the cow/calf – is offering a $2,000.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in the murder of the cow and her unborn calf. For more information, please contact the Cole County Sheriff’s office.

Thank you to all the news outlets for doing TV, radio and print stories on the shooting of the innocent cow and her unborn calf.  Thank you for sending out this update.

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Jefferson City News Tribune Front Page
August 27, 2013
Thank you Bob Watson.

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Click this link below and it will take you to video…


Video clips from local ABC, CBS, NBC should all be available today. If anyone sees the clips in a search before I do, please post on my Timeline or send me a private message and I will post them to the sites. KOMU-TV 8 is NBC. KRCG TV 13 is CBS, and KMIZ ABC 17 and FOX 22. CNN may be today. Local Jefferson City News Tribune has a front page story by Bob Watson…he did a great job for what he bumped into with law enforcement (and gives one great insight as to how things ‘get dropped’ sometimes). I’ll post his story later…but you can google it too by now. But I have to get out and get to work. Thank you everyone for chipping in and helping.

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Monday, August 26, 2013.

9:00 PM short story on shooting of grazing ranch cattle.

10:00 PM live, feature story of the Friday evening shooting and murder of a bred 3-yr. old cow, 30 days from delivering an AI calf.

Looking for a late 1990’s white Trail Blazer, 2-door with football size rust out on passenger door side at rock panel.

Call Cole County law enforcement 573-659-TIPS with information about the vehicle.

Shooter is a white male.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Tonight at 5, 6 and 10:00 PM…

Mark Slavitt and Teresa Snow Krcg will report on the Friday evening shooting death of a bred cow in a ranch pasture. Rural crime has escalated to cattle murder in the western Cole County area north of Russellville.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

9:00 PM local news FOX 22
10:00 PM local news ABC 17
Rural Missouri crimes against livestock.  Shooting cattle in pastures.

Central Missouri…I spoke up about the crimes in our rural area and how living on the borders of counties is hard to track or deal with criminal activity…stealing gas, stealing fuel, stealing equipment, stealing metal, and now “shooting of innocent cattle grazing in pastures”.
Being a leader sometimes means you will be “standing alone”.

PS – If someone shoots me for speaking out…this might be the last FB post from me!

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These are photos of the place where the shooter parked at my gates for 5-10 minutes, peeled out and left heading S, then 15-20 minutes later returned from the S, pulled back into the entry/gates into the pasture, shot twice, knocked one cow down, and another took a hit in a front leg. The shooter backed out and headed N.

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