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If you cannot pick up your cowdog pup or cowdog then you can make arrangements for delivery with REDWING HOUND HAULERS.

Their cell phone number is 208-946-9627.  You will reach Wanda or Chuck Thomas.  This is their ‘on the road’ cell number so if you do not get an answer leave a message and they will call you back.  Tell them you have a pup or dog at Tammy’s Cowdogs and they will be able to give you a price quote for delivery. You might be able to make arrangements to meet them along their delivery routes and that could reduce the delivery price a little.  If you decide to use Redwing Hound Haulers they will call me with a time when they will be by to pickup your pup or cowdog.  Once the pup or cowdog is picked up I will call you to let you know the pup or cowdog is on its way.

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Ah, I awoke to the sound of the pitter patter of rain.  We needed the rain.  But the lightening was fierce!  I went to check on my mom and thought, “Hum, why not have some toast.”  About the time I set the toaster on the counter, a flash of light came in the kitchen window, passed by my hand and out the other window in the kitchen.  With mouth open, eyes wide – WIDE – I look at my mom and she says, “That was lightening!”  Me, “Oh, my!”  I plug in the toaster and it blows up!  This is 6:45 a.m….any clues as to what I thought the day was going to be like?

I head out to check the cowdogs and do some cowdog chores.  About 9, in rolls my mom, “There’s a cow on the highway!”  It is pouring rain.  The lightening is nothing less than intense.  I get Ducchess and head out.  We don’t find a cow in the first lap around the pasture or highway.  I set the gates so that if she shows up again she might (might!) just stroll on in through the gate.  I head home to get some fencing supplies.  I thought as hard as it is raining, I might as well get Levi and Bandit.  We go come back and there are no cow tracks to be found at the gate.  We go on around the fence and do find where a lone cow crossed the fence that was down with a tree.   About a 1/2 mile later, we find the ole cow…just grazing away on the neighbor.  I send the cowdogs.  They are bringing the cow and out of NOWHERE is one frightening KABOOM.  Down the fence line runs a streak of white lightening.  The cowdogs put the cow into overdrive and through the water gap fence she goes.  Not exactly as planned, but the cow was now home!

Not a good thing to have to fence in the rain in the lightening.  They did their job.  They did it well.  And I know they’d do it again.  It is nice to have a crew that does not grumble or complain.

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Had a few bulls to gather today for weighing.  A short 2 mile trip to gather the bulls into a group them bring them home.  We had some time left so we gathered up and weighed some heifers too. Cold and windy yesterday and it warmed up overnight by 15+ degrees to be hot & humid today.  We could use a sprinkle of rain!

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We made it through the storms with very little damage.  Little bit of fencing to do.  But, we got 5-7 inches of rain and that makes that “little bit of fencing” no big deal.  Here is the scheme this morning as Hawk and I headed off to work.  Cool, crisp, frisky, foggy.  The fog was growing and flowing over the land and livestock.  Beautiful.  1000’s of golden finches everywhere.  I think I hear my grass growing.  That will mean the cattle will be smiling!

We have some calves to weigh today.  The last of the tagging/retagging was done yesterday.  The replacement heifer group is sorted through again.  Guess we shall schedule for Bangs vaccinating the heifers and semen testing the bulls for sale.

I will be posting more cowdog sale information and pictures by the end of April.  Right now I am still working with the deposit people on sorting through the litters of pups.  Busy times! 

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The mild and record warm weather for the last 4 months has given central Missouri about 90 more days of a jump start to the horn fly season.  The cattle are miserable and the horn fly population is at June levels.

We have been in a bit of a holding pattern for the past 2 weeks with forecasted pop-up rain.  We haven’t gotten the rain though.  But the record heat has departed…yippee!  We are actually to be seasonal 60’s for highs and a few days of below seasonal temperatures.  I am sure glad too.  We did get rain a couple weeks ago and it was very timely and helpful.  The grass has started to grow and so has the horn fly population.  We’ve got bugs galore…at least 80-90 days of more bugs!

The sun came out today and it was perfect for gathering cows and pouring them.  The cowdogs enjoyed the cool weather and I think the cows even were glad to get poured.  I used more cowdogs than I needed today.  With the weather being perfect and no need to rush through the work, I decided to take a couple rookie cowdogs along…Huck and his sister Liza.

Ducchess even got to make the trip.  She’s ready to get off of maternity leave.  But I think she was also glad to get home to her puppies.  She usually likes to fight and play with them at night.  Tonight, she wanted fed.  When I put her with her pups she was pooped and just wanted to lay down to nap.  She sure enjoyed the day and I enjoyed having her along.  She’s a very competitive cowdog and a great role model.  She really reminds me of her daddy Bert.

Every cowdog had the “green jeans” look when we got done at the first place.  The cows should slick off and be more comfortable now.  Horn flies at bay, fertilized pastures and cooler temperatures.  And a work day that was pretty peaceful.  I guess you could say, “Life is good.”

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Here is why we sometimes keep cheap stuff around.  Just to have it on hand in the event of something breaking.  So, I had a hose with an itty, bitty, teensy, weensy pin hole in the end.  After months of living with the pin hole in the hose, squirting me at times when I didn’t hold the hose “just right”, I used one of my mom’s emergency hose ends.  I get it installed.  I turn the cowdogs out to let them run and do their business.  A wild game of “tag ‘yer it” takes place.  Up the hill, full blast come 6 large cowdogs, running abreast with each other, zooming through the sucker rod fence. Blam.  Next, I hear water running. 

Sometimes we spend “just a little money and time” so  that we can spend twice as much money and time to do it right.  You know, do it right the first time!  Oh well.  Such is life.

I unscrewed the “new/broken” end and put it by the hydrant.  “Hum,” I wonder who took it?

So.  I made a deal with my mom.  “If you go to town with my list to “get this”, I will watch your 2 boiling chickens.”  I’m really glad she took my offer.  I guess I will work on my taxes.  Makes it all a win-win, right?…!


Mom gets back.  The place didn’t have what I needed…figures.  But, I’ll use what my mom brought home.  She told me she had locked her keys in her car and had to call for help.  It cost her $30 bucks to get her car unlocked!  I thought to myself, “Why didn’t you call?”  She looked at me like, “DO NOT ASK why I didn’t call!”

Moral of the story…it does not pay to buy cheap stuff!

But I think I did a heck of a job boiling the 2 chickens…

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