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~~ UPDATE…Wednesday, May 13, 2015 a.m. ~~ CANCELLED…cowdogdays15 – May 15-17, 2015 … CANCELLED due to forecast of rain for Thursday through Monday. The weather forecast has rain setting in beginning late tonight (Wednesday the 13th) and sticking around until Monday the 18th. If the chances were for spotty showers we could handle “spotty showers” but the percentages are 80, 60, 40, and 40. I need the rain, I cannot use the barn this year for the demos, so the cowdog sale must be cancelled. I’ve visited with a lot of southern folks and Texas folks who sure wish they could miss out on anymore rain for awhile. I just hope the coming rainy days leave a couple of inches of rain here. ~~ UPDATE…Monday, May 11, 2015 a.m. ~~ Since 2009, I have been having a cowdog production sale in the spring…middle of May. It has been over 100 degrees, dirty, and miserable. It has been in the 70’s and pouring down rain, muddy and miserable. I’ve had an indoor barn to use when the weather was just horrid. This year, I won’t have the indoor barn to use. It has hay in it. It is to rain Thurs. through Sunday…according to 2 of 3 TV stations. Should I cancel/postpone the cowdog demos, sale and client work days? It is Monday, let me know if you will still attend if it is raining. Send me a note/email to tammy@tammyscowdogs.com to let me know. I already know of 5 families that cannot make it now…rains and flooding will keep some home, snow from May 10th will keep 2 families at home since they are calving and now have cattle indoors/fighting with the mud, and one family with a child with a broken leg. I will plan to have the events and make the final decision by Wednesday morning – May 13, 2015. I am leaning to “cancelling” for now. But, am open to following through on a small scale if you are up to wearing rain gear. If the rain is to be thunderstorm-type weather…well, things will definitely be cancelled. tammy@tammyscowdogs.com is listed on my website http://www.tammyscowdogs.com “Contact” page. Click around to find it, send me a note, and we will go from there. I’ll just have to set a new date or do a series of field days/demos in June (work around the heat/humidity). http://www.tammyscowdogs.com

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The format for the cowdog production sale will be the same as previous sales. The activities begin at noon on Friday. It is a good idea to arrive by 11:30 or so, to get registered, grab a bite to eat and get acquainted with the surroundings. Please refer back to cowdogdays14, cowdogdays13 blog posts for a little more general info and to see how things went at previous sales.

I hope to have five 6-month old pups for the sale, a couple of yearlings and maybe an older cowdog that is pretty much an all-around cowdog. I’ll post pictures this week some time with some data. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s ranch work. I had 60 bull calves to work so I had the pups out for the work day. My Facebook post for the day was:

~~ Home Schooling ~~
Yes, I’m a “home schooler”. Today, the next five new potential cowdogs spent several hours at the corrals. They got to browse the pens, the alley, through the chute, then to the pickup to watch their great-grandma Hawk, great-aunt Ducchess, and great-uncle Bandit work 60 bull calves. It was hot today and they are not used to the heat, but they took it all in, got a water break, and took in more watching. Then they got to browse more when the cattle work was all done. They were tuckered out by the time they spent several hours doing things and watching “the big cowdogs”. I know my feet are tired. And, the laundry lady will need to put some baking soda in the water to get the green out of the jeans. We need “rain”…runnin’ the sprinkler to cut the dust. Dirt + pollen has me weeping water from my eyes and working with a runny nose. ~Tylenol, Alavert

PS…I see that a lot of my posts for the last 6 months are no longer available. That is due to Facebook account changes during the last three weeks. It is a technical thing, a headache…as they say, “It’s complicated.” I don’t plan to re-do these posts here on my blog. It took dozens of hours to post the fall calving, fall AI work, and winter cattle work…so I don’t plan to take the time to replace the posts. Wrong time of year…too much other stuff to do. Sorry. Plus, I have had to take care of some unforeseen family matters for my mother the last couple of months. All the little glitches just chew up a person’s time and has made me late in getting my cowdog sale pulled together.

Keep tabs on my blog here for sale updates, weather updates. With the odd spring, some folks are late in planting crops, getting spring calving behind them, getting cattle to grass. Some folks have already said they cannot make the May sale and are planning on coming to look at cowdogs and watch demos during June. When it gets ultra-hot in July & August, the demo time will slow way down. So, if you cannot make it to the sale in May, just send me an email or call. We can work something out for a visit later on.

If something happens and I have to postpone the sale…I’ll post by May 13, 2015 (Wednesday) that the sale day (May 15th) is postponed. Sometimes we have to work with life’s “curve balls”. Thank you for visiting my website, my blog, and my 3 Facebook sites. I’ll get that FB stuff corralled and streamlined – someday!

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