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Here’s our daily storm…several tornadoes in central Missouri from Sedalia, Missouri to your place and onward to the E NE.  All you can say is WOW.  Spent the morning fixing fence and water gaps from where cattle drifted into fencelines this morning from 1:00 to 3:00 a.m. in driving rain, wind and hail.  And, here we are 12 hours later with a repeat of it all…not as much lightening this afternoon compared to the storm this morning in the dark. What a life!

I can’t seem to post the three videos here on my Blog, so I will put them on Facebook on my Tammy’s Cowdogs Wall. 

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Well, Sunday evening was a nasty stormy trip.  Got around this morning to check fences and cattle.  Nothing dead.  Cattle gone astray are back home.  Got home just in time to run in the house at my mom’s … cuz here it comes again.  Joplin, Missouri is really in bad shape from yesterday’s tornado and the relatives say it is storming there again this morning…it is to be nasty through Wednesday.

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What a wild ride in the weather department…going to be a long night…Joplin, Missouri takes on severe damage from this same system that is passing over us now…

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I want to thank everyone for the calls, emails and Facebook messages ‘wishing me a speedy recovery’ with my right arm and shoulder surgery.  It has been a whirlwind week! 

Monday we got around to check all the cattle and fences.  After the past weekend of rain it was sure soggy.  But the goal was to get around and kinda get caught up since I had a doctor’s appointment to take another look at my right shoulder and arm.  Tuesday morning I went to see the doctor and got the great (well, not so great) news that I was to go home and take care of things because he wanted to get me into surgery on Wednesday morning…bright and early.

Talk about putting your mind into overdrive with mapping out what to get done in the next few hours!  I had 100 Spring pairs to get worked in two locations that chore rapidly moved to the top of the list.  I got all the pre-op stuff done and was home around 1 p.m.  I loaded up eartags, vaccines, pour-on and two cowdogs and off we went.  We had two pastures to gather at the same facility location.  The gathering all went like clockwork.  We buzzed through the sorting.  We worked our way through the calves.  All the calves got tagged and were vaccinated with Bovi-Gold 5, Vision 7-Somnus and we poured them with a generic ivermectin pour-on.

It was the cowdogs first time to process baby calves in the new set of pens we put in last year.  The layout of the pens, alley and gates works really slick for the cowdogs.  I tried to build it in a ‘cowdog’ and ‘cattle’ frame of mind.  I need one more ‘people’ gate to make one more ‘easy access’ spot for me.  So, with the layout in good shape and no major revamping to do I can add some base rock to help hold the ground from all the foot traffic of the cattle. 

We got done with that little project and headed home to put out some hay, mineral and blocks.  It sure makes life a lot more fun and easier when I can rely on patient, level-headed and tough cowdogs.  It sure is enjoyable to work cattle around here…even if you are trying to do a few days worth of work in a few hours.

The surgery went well.  I had a bone spur area that had nearly pinched or rubbed my tendons into nothing.  The muscles tears and frayed areas were smoothed out, the bicep was detached and a few other snips and tucks occurred.  I could not imagine in the beginning that the pain was going to be more than what I had been living with since March 19th.  BUT…as the night wore on and the nerve block wore off…I mean I was in misery.  And on top of it all I was having some type of infection or drainage issue going on in my ears, nose and throat.  We thought at first it was just the dryness of the oxygen during the surgery.  Then thought it was just from being run down from all the running hard and being rain soaked and cold during the cowdogdays11 activities.  Then, we thought it was the fuzzy blanket I was covering up with.  BUT…it ended up being that I was allergic to the tape that was used to tape my shoulder and arm up after the surgery.  I had been really itchy and uncomfortable but the nerve block and pain medicine was masking the ‘tape and hives’ issue.  Last night we finally seemed to get on top of the hives.

I can already tell the arm socket is in less pain with all the bone spur stuff being scraped and smoothed out.  The before and after pictures of the area are ‘amazing’…all that room to let my arm move with!  I can honestly say I think the worst part of the shoulder and arm issue is behind me.  Now, to just be patient and let it heal.

I have not been able to return all my phone calls yet.  So, if you called and I have not gotten back to you, you might call again.  I will keep working through my message lists. And, I will resume training sessions soon.

For now though…THANK YOU FOR THE GET WELL WISHES AND PRAYERS.  Last, but not least, thanks to my family and friends for helping out with the feeding chores.  The cowdogs and I appreciate everyone’s help!

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Despite rain, wind, cold temperatures and slick ground conditions, this year’s cowdogdays11 charged on as planned. The three-day event, held at Tammy’s Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs near Lohman, MO, included working ranch  cowdog demonstrations and the production sale on Friday, and training sessions on Saturday and Sunday. 

Guests from eight states participated in the weekend activities. Seven yearling and two-year old cowdogs sold from $2,700 to $3,600. A few pups sold for $850 to $1,000.  The offerings for the cowdog production sale were from new matings that I have studied and tested the past three years. The cowdogs sold are going to work for commercial cow/calf operations, backgrounders, purebred seedstock operations and a bucking bull program. Several individuals from the southern and Gulf coast states were unable to attend due to evacuation from the flooding of the Mississippi River.

The cowdog demonstrations began by showing some of my regular working ranch cowdog crew gathering yearling and two-year-old bulls from two lots and moving them into corrals. Two other seasoned cowdogs were sent to a pasture to gather and bring yearling heifers home to the corrals. The sale cowdogs were worked for guests one at a time in an indoor pen. After a brief overview of each dog, Goldammer worked each cowdog individually through a series of commands illustrating their ability to listen intently, work cattle with rate and pace while being quiet and patient. Electronic training collars were not needed to control or work any of the cowdogs.

Mother Nature did keep some people away for the weekend. But those that braved the weather sure enjoyed the demonstrations and production sale and I am grateful for the interest in my breeding and training programs.  It was the third cowdogdays event and I am looking forward to putting together another set of cowdogs for sale.

 The cowdogs in the program are from registered foundation bloodlines. They are a purebred working cowdog bred with proven abilities, the right instincts and the intelligence specific for working cattle. In addition to the cowdogs, the ranch maintains a retained ownership commercial cow/calf operation made up of Angus and Simmental-cross cattle. Combined, it is the perfect environment to maintain a breeding and working ranch cowdog program.

You can keep updated on future cowdogs for sale at www.tammyscowdogs.com  or  by making regular visits to my Blog or watch for information on my Facebook pages.

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The only way to reach me the rest of the day is by my cell phone…(573) 659-5971. If I don’t answer….leave me a message.

We had storms last night and things are a bit of a mess…but…the show goes on!

The forecast is storms this afternoon (80% chance)…but you won’t be planting corn, putting up hay or branding calves…so come on over for some great friendship and watch some Hangin’ Tree cowdogs work in the mud.

See ya…thank you to everyone for the interest in my cowdog program and for following our lives here at Goldammer Ranch.

If you want to phone your bids in just call me on my cell. I do have some folks from southern MO that got some horrible weather last night and they can’t make it so they will call in…so, don’t feel like you are left out by not being able to make the trip.

Again, thanks!

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Just a reminder about tomorrow…Activities begin at NOON.

Check in at the Machine Shed (big building on the left with the overhead door open).

Everyone needs to register.

Burger’s Country Cured Ham sandwiches, fruit, cookies, etc. will be available.

I will have the cowdogs out and about. The cattle gathering and processing will begin around 1 p.m.

Hopefully the storms don’t blow us away tonight!

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