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FB Post…September 14, 2015

From soft and silent to rustling rigid paper tones.
Spring’s life yielding to Fall’s birth.
The winds’ music on the leaves is more bass than soprano.
There is a new gathering taking place…from growing on limbs from buds,
To gathering where ere their new travels take them.
Roaming free or others held by their surroundings.
Life’s transitionings.

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FB Post…September 13, 2015
~~ Smoke on the Water. Fire in the Sky. ~~
NW Cole County central Missouri…46F, 100% humidity. Was a tad of a soaking cold to the face and fingers this morning. Come January, 46% will be a no coat Indian summer, a welcomed relief, a day to let the sun radiate on the face. Today, that 46F signals to the trees and leaves that they need to move along in their transitioning to make ready for winter, resting, sleeping, and survival. The 75F of today marches to 90 over the next few days. It will be a warm week again…hastening the leaves to let loose and begin their journeys across the pastures and finding places to take ahold and be organic. Letting loose, letting go, holding on…I miss you Cowdog Hawk. Thank you for all you gave in your life with me.

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FB Post…September 12, 2015
Coming home last night at 8:30 and the air had a newness to it as it called out, “Jacket.” No sleep for the weary, a heavy heart, a heavy shirt for the day, a silky warm paisley rag to keep the cold air from trespassing to my core, out the door at 5, and it was there…Fall. Fallish has arrived Those shortening days which have been whispering “change”…it is here…Fall.

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