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Sittin’ at the cemetery this morning, listenin’ to the preacher, then he read a verse from the Bible that has been a mainstay of my life, and a verse that I embrace fully and employ.  Just had not heard someone read it like he did.  And he read it while I was pondering two bridges that I have been forced to cross in the last 6 years.  Two bridges that I never blew up with dynamite, but two bridges… that I crossed over and over again while the 2 people I passed on those bridges kept tossing me over the rail to drown.  Well, I am hear to say, “I just kept swimming and I have survived.”  Yes, that verse goes like this, “The truth will set you free.”  Amen, Lord Jesus, I have stayed with the truth and as of today, “I feel set free.”  Thank you Lord for letting me stay the course.  My next penned story is going to be about, “Death of Friendships”.  A positive outlook on two terrible situations that I was forced into, two terrible situations that broke my spirit’s continuity at times, but with the faith from God, I have survived.  What a day.  It’s like the clouds are lifting. ~John 8:32
TCD 110609-056
Thank you Bert.

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Has to be better than yesterday.
Yesterday was to be a day to get a few “on hold” things done. Take a trailer tire to town to get it fixed. Air up the ranch rig front tire that has a slow leak. Take some mineral to a few pastures.  Clean up the cowdogs.  Take Gabby’s pups to the corral for day #1 of “heifers”. Take Liza’s pups to the corral to let them move their hfrs. around. Service the Deere mower and all 10,000 of its grease zerks. Tear apart the 4-wheeler spray rig to send the pump off to have it looked at. And various other piddly details.
It all fell apart at the slow leak pickup tire.  The slow leak turned out to be a torn valve stem at the base and it broke off when I went to shoot it some air.  It took more than a while to find the handy man, WD-40 the lugs to crack the rust, have a discussion with myself about the young lad and his air rachet and hammering the lug nuts down ’til he smoothed up a couple lug nuts, jump around on the spin wrench to crack the lugs loose, jack the pickup up, get the tire off, call to see if I could get the tire valve stem worked on locally, listen to the shop fella give me an update on life at the shop, get home, put tire back on, and praise my ole handy man that I had not used in a long time.  And glad I didn’t have a “handy man mishap”…they can get away from ya, ya know!
So while at the shop…
I blew the sparrow crap off the benches and out the door.  Blew the dirt out of the ranch rig.  Blew the dust out of the town rig.  Fluffed the town rig rugs. Put everything away. Got my pups and headed to the corral for some mental down time.  Therapy. Convinced myself to go to choir practice…just as I was.
Guess I’ll start over on what I thought I could get done “yesterday”.
Ever had times like this?
Haying, gotta get the hay equipment out and ready for next week.
Guess I better get another piece of paper for my “to do” list.
Ever had times like this?

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My goodness it was hot today.

But we worked cattle, cowdogs, cowdog pups, ate Burger’s Smokehouse ham (yes, I know ham is not beef!), BK Bakery gourmet cookies, and various other good things. We had fun despite folks getting sunburned. Ran the sprinkler in the corral to cut the dust.

Sale results are not all in yet since the TX folks and a few OK folks could not make it today. But, so far the yearlings are $3,500 and  the 4 month old started pups $1,300.

Keep the Texas folks in your prayers.  They have a lot of cleaning up to do to put their lives back together after the tornados.

I truly enjoy being around good people! Tomorrow, we will be back at it. Getting folks acquainted with their new cowdogs and cowdog pups. Going to be HOT…pace yourself, right?

Thank you to Julie Brown of Progressive Cattleman magazine for being here this afternoon.

Now, I’m headed to the shower to wash the “bark” off!


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Smoke’s data is in the post below.  Smoke’s greatest working love is riding drag or flank when moving cattle.  He has a very hard bite.  He is easy to handle, friendly, great around people.  He does have an e-collar on in this video clip.  He does not require an e-collar to use him.  I just have several females in heat right now and their scent is all over the place and he was getting distracted to mark every female spot on the way to the corrals.  When he is at work, Smoke is all business.

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WEATHER Forecast Friday, Saturday, Sunday (as of Monday) – slight chance of intermittent rain (20-30%).  Lows? mid 60’s.  Highs? low 80’s.

Bring your rain gear.  I am going to go ahead and set up a pen inside my hay barn just in case we need to get out of the rain for the cowdog demonstrations and schooling time.

The food and people loafing area will be at the machine shed so you will have a place to be out of the rain when we take breaks.

Feel welcome to bring your kids and grandkids.  It is a family activity.  Don’t worry about spooking the cattle or cowdogs.  That’s just a part of it.  Things don’t always go perfect in the pasture or corral anyway on regular days! But if things get “western” please take “oops fixing” into account while I work through the situations.

Lodging info is on my website Contact Page or on my blog.  If you need “close to me towns” with lodging:

N = Columbia, Kingdom City…SE = Rolla… SW = Eldon, Lake of the Ozarks…W = Sedalia, California…NW = Boonville

My cell phone is 573-659-5971.  If you cannot attend but want to possibly bid on a cowdog I will be able to help you with calling in for the sale.

General order of the day on Friday.

11:00 AM – Registration

12:00 noon – Cowdog demonstrations will begin.  I will start with some of my regular working cowdogs and we will work down to the litter of pups.

Smoke (the oldest cowdog in the sale) has had a dental cleaning, his teeth/gums are in good order.  No extractions or problems with jaw fractures.

All the cowdogs and pups are sound and have no injures that they are recovering from.  Nothing sells unless it is totally and completely sound.

All cowdogs and pups are current on vaccinations.  I will be giving a general dewormer this week too (regular monthly deworming).

4:00 PM – Demonstrations will be completed and we will determine the sale order of the cowdogs.

5:00 PM – Sale of cowdogs and pups.  A base price will be listed for each cowdog and we will bid in $100 increments.

This is not a rapid, gavel pounding auction.  Low-key deal.  And, we take time to let the phone bidding people participate in the bidding.

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Hawk is the mother to Ducchess, Gabby and Liza.  Ducchess, Gabby and Liza are daughters of Bert.

Ducchess’s pups in the sale are Dick and Harry.

Liza’s pups in the sale are Bess and Fran.

Gabby’s pups in the sale are the black and black/white pups pictured in another post below.  Just scroll down and you will find them – 7 of them.

Ducchess, Liza and Gabby’s pups are all sired by Oscar.  So these are strategic targeted matings to see if the genetic results are consistent.  So far, to me the quality of these matings is outstanding.  Very consistent in the various aspects of what I want to see in a cowdog.

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Liza’s two black female pups are listed in the sale…Bess and Fran.

I’ve had the litter in the corral 2 times now with some weanling heifers.  Here is a clip of yesterday…day #2.

The pups have been working the sides, behind, and around me and back to the back of the heifers.  Two 20 minute sessions of letting them just mill around the heifers.

Liza and Gabby are littermate sisters out of Bert x Hawk.  They are full sisters to Ducchess.  The sale data and reference cowdog data are in two separates posts here on my “blog”.  Just scroll down and you’ll find the info.

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