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NOTE:  Dam and sire information is listed on Reference posting.


Saturday, May 11th…added video clips of Dick, Harry (see separate posts above).

Sunday, May 12th…added pictures of Socks, Sydney.

Monday, May 13th…added pictures of Dick, Harry, Smoke.  Added a Smoke video clip in a separate post.

                                             04/24  Head:

Name   Sex  Born    Color        Wt.   Heel   Sale Cowdog   Dam x Sire

Harry  M    01/2012   Blue Merle  50   50:50  Sale Cowdog   Ducchess x Oscar

Dick    M    01/2012   Black         51   50:50  Sale Cowdog   Ducchess x Oscar

Bess    F     01/2013  Black          xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Liza x Oscar

Fran   F      01/2013  Black          xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Liza x Oscar

Pup #1   F  02/2013  Black          xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #2   F  02/2013 Black           xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #3   F  02/2013 Black           xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #4   F  02/2013 Black           xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #5   F  02/2013 Black           xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #6   F  02/2013 Black           xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Pup #7   M 02/2013 Black           xx       -:-   Sale Cowdog   Gabby x Oscar

Sydney    F 03/2012 Blue Merle   48      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Highball x Bert

Socks      F 10/2012  Black          xx      -:-    Sale Cowdog   Diamond x Sly

Smoke   M  xx/2009 Smoke Merle 55  30:70  Sale Cowdog   Confidential

Note:  Cowdogs listed as “Sale Cowdog” are subject to change, for example…due to injury from time of posting to sale date.

Statements and announcements made on the production sale day take precedence over information posted prior to sale day.

No cowdogs or pups will sell with appendix or permanent registration papers to any association or club.  The pedigree information is considered intellectual property and sole proprietorship of Tammy’s Cowdogs.

These are the Gabby x Oscar pups…6 females, 1 male.  Pictures taken – April 23, 2013.  First day wearing collars and being tied.

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REFERENCE Cowdogs (Not for sale)

                                                                      04/24/13   Head:

Name            Sex     Born        Color                Wt.        Heel     Dam x Sire

Bert (dec.)     M      06/2002   Blue Merle      63        50:50  Lil x Bob

Hawk               F      06/2004   Black                55        70:30  Sage x Zip

Ducchess        F      08/2006   Blue Merle      50        50:50  Hawk x Bert

Bandit             M     08/2007  Blue Merle      54        70:30  Hawk x Bert

Levi                  M     03/2008  Black                55        50:50  Hawk x Bert

Redhead         M     03/2009  Red Merle       50        50:50  Hawk x Bert

Sly                    M     01/2010   Blue Merle     62        50:50  Hawk x Bert

Butch              M      01/2010  Blue Merle     62        50:50   Hawk x Bert

Gabby             F       01/2010   Black/White   41       50:50   Hawk x Bert

Liza                  F       01/2010  Black                48       50:50   Hawk x Bert

Jewel               F       06/2002  Black/White   45      50:50     Lil x Bob

Diamond        F       09/2009  Black                50      60:40    Jewel x Nitro

Muffy             F        02/2009  Black                47     50:50    Jewel x Jake

Shorty           M       02/2009  Blue Merle      63     50:50    Sage x Oscar

Nitro             M         xx/xxxx  Smoke Merle  68     70:30    Unverifiable DNA

Oscar            M        xx/xxxx   Black/White    50    50:50     Unverifiable DNA

Lacy               F         xx/xxxx   Blue Merle       43   50:50     Lil x Bob

Martin          M       01/2012  Red                    56     -:-         Ducchess x Oscar

Tom              M       01/2012  Black                 56     -:-         Ducchess x Oscar

Cash              F        01/2012  Red-long           41     -:-         Ducchess x Oscar

Dally             F         07/2012  Red Merle        38     -:-         Lacy x Levi

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