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Have you ever had times in your life when you think people are simply unbelievable?  That some people just cannot be happy for others because they are so blinded by the knowledge and success of others?  As we grow and experience life, we begin to realize that some people spend a lifetime creating drama after drama after drama.  Their goal is to suppress others from being successful.  And, in the end, the one who is constantly delivering the punishment is the one who is self-destructing.  I cannot help but feel sorry for the persecutor, for they bring endless shame to themselves.

Yesterday, I received yet another phone call that highlights another personal attack against me.  I listened.  The very notion of the message was another desperate attempt to drive people away from my successful cowdog breeding program.  You really have to wonder how shallow and small-minded some people are.

I ranch.  I ranch full-time.  I get up early, come home late. I have a successful retained ownership beef cattle operation.   It’s been successful my entire life.  I’m 54 and have been involved in cattle ranching my whole life.  I embrace doing a good job.  I embrace helping people.  I have a closed cowherd.  I have a closed cowdog program.   The people trying to discredit me are wasting their time with their useless, endless jealousy.

Soon, I will be posting the full details of my acquiring a dog related business over four years ago.  Some of you have been extremely supportive to me because you know the people that have waged a devious battle against me since I acquired the business.  I never anticipated that I had been set up for failure.  So when the failures began to kick in it was anticipated that I would give up, give in and would want to give back the business and the dogs.  That anticipated and hoped for end result never came true for the ones hoping I would fail.  Thus, the endless rollercoaster of lobbing more bombshells my way.

I filed a legal suit.  I won.  The people were legally exposed.  And the last several months, the latest tactic is to use another route to achieve their statement of, “I will ruin you in the dog and cattle business if you don’t give me my dogs back”, is to attack my sexuality.  Well folks, I am married to a male.  A man that is not remotely interested in my ranching lifestyle.  I do my ranching work myself with the help of my cowdogs.  And we are successful.  We will be successful today, tomorrow and clear into the future.

So to the people who breed Hangin’ Tree cowdogs and want to continue to “pull another show-stopping rabbit out of the hat”…shame on you.  This latest salvo will not work either.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame on you.   I’d suggest you go back to the drawing board.  Here is an idea, “Grow up.”  But, I know out of experience when you are dealing with people that are “self-absorbed drama addicts” you might as well just let them be because they have no remote clue how much better their lives could be if they lived in the values of truth and honesty.

So, as you:  (1) see their local, regional and national ads, (2) see or go to their low-stress cattle handling clinics, (3) see or go to their cowdog clinics and demonstrations, or (4) see them at ranch rodeos and tradeshows…remember this, “they have spent a lifetime bashing, trashing and hurting others”.  Afterall, the main reason they wanted to get out of the dog business in late 2007 was, “All the people you deal with are stupid and I am sick and tired of dealing with all the stupid people.”

I do appreciate all the lessons I have learned since December 2007 and the activities and events surrounding the expansion of my cowdog breeding program.  And, I feel sorry for those who have spent the past few years with burning up their mental minutes with trying to destroy me.

But, as usual, I hope everyone has a good day.

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Here’s how we rolled today…

I took 6 cowdogs and gathered cattle at several places. From 11 to 4 we gathered & poured 319 hd. of cattle. It was about 87 degrees, a tad humid, just a little breeze and not too dusty because of the 2-tenths rain we got yesterday morning. Nearly a perfect day and dang sure going to be one of the last “not so hot” days until probably September! So we took advantage of the day and just skipped the notion that we need to mow hay!

It’s that time of year when the grass seed heads are brutal on the cowdogs. After every pasture gathering, I took time to clean their eyes out. Their eyes were packed with fescue seeds. Can you imagine how painful this is? Will have to watch them carefully for a few days to make sure there is no infection setting in. These cowdogs are sure troopers to have the “never give up” drive to go through each pasture and gather more cattle…despite the fact that they know their eyes are going to pay the price. And they also inhale a ton of seeds too.

It is not easy work…that is for sure.  I love my Hangin’ Tree cowdogs and they deserve the best care that I can give them.  I would not want to be in the cattle business without them.

My dear Bert sure is missed, but, nearly 2 years later I can see now that he is still with me every day.  The black cowdog in this post is Miss Hawk…the love of Bert’s life.  The darker blue merle cowdog is Bandit, the other blue merle is Miss Ducchess and both are by Bert & Hawk.  Superb cowdogs, that is for sure.

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The last few weeks it has been the time to put up some hay.  Early on it was hay for weaning calves.  In the blink of an eye…3 days later…the grasses, the dryness, the heat, the wind…took the hay from pretty good quality grass to “not so good” very mature grass.  From calf hay to cow hay in a flash!  It is a good thing though because last year was “zero hay”.  Ah, the roller coaster of life when you are involved in production agriculture.  It is an occupation based on: luck, timing, cash flow, Mother Nature, God, the ability to sustain yourself & the operation during times of high stress & risk, good genetics in the beef cattle that roam the pastures, good genetics in the cowdogs that do all the cattle processing chores around here.

Each day, we continue to move along to do our part to grow a beef product or unit that fits my environment, that can efficiently adapt to the growing & finishing phases of their life cycle and conclude the mission of being one of the highest quality protein feed sources to feed the world.  In a nutshell, there is always something to do on a ranch or farm.

In the latest newsletter from the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources there are some interesting tidbits: a student (young lady) has created an experimental ice cream that starts as one flavor and then with its microencapsulation technology it shifts to flavor #2 before you even swallow it; research students are one step closer to detecting melanoma cancer at the cellular level, long before a tumor has a chance to form; and the livestock judging team was once again 2nd at the Dixie National in Jackson, MS;  oh, and the dairy product team took first in ice cream evaluation.

One of the greatest things I learned at college was that you get the “most” from the people you meet, not the book you buy.  I was baling hay the other day and thought back to how much I disliked all those hours of organic & inorganic chemistry and that I actually got the most out of the biochemistry classes.  Now, 32 years later I use a little of each of those chemistry classes and think I could probably find more appreciation in their purpose.  Instead of C’s, I might be able to muster B’s.  And, it would be a grade improvement solely based on not being so defiant in how much I disliked the subject matter and the ‘non-English’ speaking student instructors.  They happened to not like blonde-headed white girls!  So it was not a win-win situation!

Anyway, I still look forward to being a good risk manager, staying above breakeven, and creating some of the most lip smackin’ good beef that one can wrap their lips around.  Staying the course for now!

Yep, this is part of your next cheeseburger!

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Listen. Take a minute. Just listen. I think I hear, “Life is good.”
I think I hear my grass growing!

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Yesterday was a busy day with the normal work of cattle and cowdog chores. Spent some time harrowing pastures. Also had to come home often to check on a 1st time mom cowdog who was due to have her pups yesterday. Long about 5 p.m. I came home to do the evening cowdog chores and check on my little frantic gal. She was still not getting much done. Not following any of the typical “havin’ my babies” stuff. I had called the vet to put him on notice that I might be in need of his after hours services. He sighed a bit and said, “Well, I’ll be here…”. I got everyone cleaned up, fed and put away for the night.

It was warm and nice, so I thought I’d just get my dozen or so messages out and try to return some phone calls. One of the calls was from a couple in NM…vets with cattle in W NM, along the AZ line. They have 4 dogs they use in their cattle operation. All doing what they are bred to do. One herds. One drives. One heads. One barks and heads. All 4 are getting some age on them. So these folks are looking into getting a pup. They have seen some of my ads over the years, clipped them out, kept them and now was the time to call and visit about my cowdogs. We had a long, lengthy conversation about their dogs, the land they graze on, the roughness of the country, etc. After about 45 minutes, the lady said, “That is one ugly dog in your ad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an ugly dog.” I was dead in my tracks. She says to her husband, “I think we lost our signal, hun.” He replies, “Well, try to get her again.” I said, “No, I’m still here.” She says, “Oh good, thought I lost ya. I was saying that the dog in your ads is ugly.” I politely said, “Yes, I heard you.” She wanted to keep talking about ugly Bert and I had to simply say, “Well, if you would look through the pictures of him on my website or Facebook, you might see that he is not as ugly as you might think.” “Oh, we don’t get internet. Not where we live,” she went on.

I agreed to mail her some pictures, flyers, brochures, old mailings, etc. I thought, “Poor Bert.” Bert was, to many people, ‘drop dead good looking’. People used to comment about he’s a million dollars of talent, color and looks. And, as his mom, he was priceless in his color, looks and talent. As I sat up all night with my whelping gal, I thought of my conversation with the vets from NM.

We all like different things in life. I like merle colored dogs, she didn’t. We did have a fun conversation. And I had to think of all the ugly human babies I’ve seen over the years and how I never once said to a friend, “My goodness, are you sure that baby is yours?” Now, don’t get me wrong, no baby is ugly…we all know that. And, we all have seen some fine children grow up to be drop dead beautiful. And, we all have seen some beautiful babies grow up to be akin to the devil. Just another fine lesson learned at the hands of a new acquaintance. Good thing I am not thin-skinned.

I also know people who would have verbally taken his/her heads off and then hung up on them. But, I think it was better to do as my dad would say, “Be a good listener, you might learn something new. Always be open to what someone has to say.”

“Ok dad, yesterday was for you!” ~~Just Sayin’…Tammy & Bert (you good lookin’ rascal you…my FB profile picture)

My “Tribute to Bert” is on the Home or Welcome Page of my website.  Truly blessed to have this fella in my life.

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Ducchess is 5 years old and from the 1st litter of Bert & Hawk pups.  She is one heck of a cowdog.  She’s a 50:50 heading:heeling cowdog.  Fast…lightening quick, savvy, stealthy, and all business when we are at work.  Superb with all classes of cattle.  She can work pastures, corrals, alleys, chutes, lots, trucks, trailers and can track cattle with the best of them.  She does not require an e-collar for work.  Plus, she will watch a gate all day long if that is what she is assigned.

Her first litter of pups is 4 males and 1 female.  They are named Martin (after the vet), Tom, Dick, Harry and Cash.

I am keeping all these pups at this time.  I want to see if they turn out to be just like there mom.  There sire is Oscar and he is a 50:50 cowdog.  He is a quiet worker and mostly used for pasture gathering.  He has a tendency to be a bit shy but that is attributed for the most part in how he was raised.  A great working cowdog and the thing that I have worked to correct the most is to work on his social skills.  He is light years from where he was when I bought him and he can be worked without an e-collar now.

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My friends in Colorado are working on a metal sign for me…in honor of my beloved Bert.  This is stage #2…it is about half done.  It’s looking like a dandy so far.  Denise Casey Werner and her hubby Tom Werner from Pritchett, Colorado…google “End of U Ranch” and you can look at more of their metal work.  Denise also hitches horsehair and makes some very fine jewelry.  They also make some unique antler goodies!

Denise and Tom ranch.  They have cattle, horses and catahoulas.  Google them and take a peek around.

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Rainy Day Getaway

So Hawk and I loaded up about 1 p.m. yesterday to do a rare, “Just Us Girls Shopping Trip”.  It’s rare alright…once a year maybe for a couple hours!  Mission…small crocks.  So off to town #1 – California.  No small crocks, but found a near pint size brown crock moonshine jug from Westin, MO with all the lettering and details in mint condition…$14 bucks.  Saw my concrete forming neighbor who found a Leona Williams record in mint condition that he bought for himself.  He’s a real antique nut.  And Leona Williams was a local gal back in the 50’s or so that went to Nashville and was married to a couple of famous men singers (the Hag for one).  Town #2 – Apache Flats.  No crocks, but found an old original Tupperware lettuce keeper in mint condition – $5 bucks…guess what my mom is going to get someday!  Town #3 – Jefferson City.  No crocks at store #1.  Told Hawk, “This trip to look for crocks is turning into a crock! We’re going home!”  Stopped at my little friends bakery (BK Bakery) and got a mocha latte/no whip, a chocolate chip cookie and a dark chocolate crème puff filled with delish Bavarian crème.  It’s not a wonder I felt like a sick calf that didn’t want to come to the bunk by the time I got home!

Last night.  Cell phone battery is all pooped out of life.  I really don’t want to go back to town today.  But, I guess I might have to.  There is one more possibility of a crock location…hummm…  I need to get these piddly road trips out of my system!

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What a wonderful morning in central Missouri…chilly, frisky, near frost.  Another sign that the seasons are changing.  Here is a glimpse of the first ten minutes of our day.

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I am working on my video skills!  Trying to get a handle on ‘how fast’ or how to not be too fast with hand movement.  So, last night, it was just too pretty of an end to the day and the sounds of the evening bull calls to not try to capture some memories ‘in motion’.

Here goes ~~


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