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Our Saturday was the windiest day of the week.  Any of the loose dirt that had escaped the wind from the rest of the week ended up taking flight today.  Basically 25+ degrees above normal in temperatures to boot.  And Sunday is to be a high of 35 or so.  The up/down temps just make it a bit tougher on the weanling cattle.  The cattle that need to head N would generally have some cold weather here to get them a little toughened up before they get to the colder climate of the feedyard.  But with all the seesaw weather, I’ve held them at home a few weeks longer than normal. But, it looks like central Nebraska is going to be about like here all of next week so it’s probably going to be time to load stuff up and send them on.

Sunday has brought us some colder weather.  It’s cloudy today and damp.  Our forecast has a bit of a few chances of rain Monday to Wednesday…yep, want to ship cattle…so she wants to rain!  Oh well.

And, ole Levi is really being a trooper about his toe being stitched up.  He hasn’t torn up his wrapping.  What a great minded cowdog he is.  He’d be the best candidate for a couch dog.  Mr. Manners!  I got to admit he just cracks me up at times with his personality.  As a 4 month old pup, he and 3 of his brothers got into a storm with some heifers and when they came home, Levi had one front let just a swingin’  It was broken really bad and it took forever to heal.  He had to spend months not being able to run and play with his siblings.  I’d take him out to walk and he’d take his casted leg and just club me in the shin with it.  He still does the same deal with his leg.  You’ll be doing something and he’ll walk up and just ‘wop ya’ and look at me like, “Hey, pet me!”  He’s really a great friend and wonderful cowdog.

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There are just some days when things click right along and then ‘bam’ something happens.  We have been weighing cattle to ship to Nebraska…three days in a row.  Three head left to go and Levi gets a foot stepped on and peels a toe nearly off.  He never yelped, he never quit, he just ran around carrying a front foot.  I never even thought it was hurt very bad.  But when we got done and I was visiting with him I noticed that it was really peeled up pretty good.  So, we got stuff put away, went and cleaned and fed the cowdogs, then came back to care for Levi’s foot.  Good thing I know how to sew.  We will see if he leaves it alone and doesn’t tear the stitches and wrapping to pieces overnight.  Sure will be good if he leaves it alone…but, chances are it will get to bothering him and he will want to clean and soothe it by licking it.

Guess I’ll know in the morning.  I’m just glad the day is over.  The wind was fierce today.  The dirt swirled and flogged us all day.  Poor ole eyes on the cowdogs and me are just full of ‘whatever’…we just need a good warm scrubbing up.  Bet we sleep good tonight…well, will need to take a bit of nose spray and an Alavert…then, we will sleep good tonight!

We took a bit of a break to catch some pictures of the planes that were heading to the northeast.  The skies were full of planes today.  They zig-zagged trails across the sky all day…every direction was full of plane traffic.  Some of them were really flying at a fast clip…guess they had the peddle to the metal.  Friday travelers in a hurry I guess.

I love working cattle. Thought of that today. How much I have loved being a cattle person all my life. I’ve been blessed in a lot of ways…a great dad who raised me up in a calving barn and on a horse. A little roper and a great little cow pony rider. I’ve loved a lot of my life…some days – not so good – but, I have been blessed…even when eating all this dang dirt!

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Purina/Land ‘O Lakes Dog Food Meeting Yesterday.

Had a great visit with the national manager for LOL/Purina, plus a horse nutrition and a beef cattle nutrition person yesterday. The background on this meeting can be found on my website Blog for June 29, 2011. I will be working with them on working cowdog and working stock dog nutrition needs and the use of the Exclusive dog food products…trying to enhance the purchasing incentives for Exclusive dog food users. Just wanted to get out a little update that ‘the meeting’ actually occurred.

 Stay tuned.

My dear ole cowdog Bert…he lives on!

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