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This is just a “preview”.
Don’t call or write yet, please.
I need to work out the details of pricing, shipping, payment methods.
But here is a “PEEK” at the new caps.

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Have you ever had times in your life when you think people are simply unbelievable?  That some people just cannot be happy for others because they are so blinded by the knowledge and success of others?  As we grow and experience life, we begin to realize that some people spend a lifetime creating drama after drama after drama.  Their goal is to suppress others from being successful.  And, in the end, the one who is constantly delivering the punishment is the one who is self-destructing.  I cannot help but feel sorry for the persecutor, for they bring endless shame to themselves.

Yesterday, I received yet another phone call that highlights another personal attack against me.  I listened.  The very notion of the message was another desperate attempt to drive people away from my successful cowdog breeding program.  You really have to wonder how shallow and small-minded some people are.

I ranch.  I ranch full-time.  I get up early, come home late. I have a successful retained ownership beef cattle operation.   It’s been successful my entire life.  I’m 54 and have been involved in cattle ranching my whole life.  I embrace doing a good job.  I embrace helping people.  I have a closed cowherd.  I have a closed cowdog program.   The people trying to discredit me are wasting their time with their useless, endless jealousy.

Soon, I will be posting the full details of my acquiring a dog related business over four years ago.  Some of you have been extremely supportive to me because you know the people that have waged a devious battle against me since I acquired the business.  I never anticipated that I had been set up for failure.  So when the failures began to kick in it was anticipated that I would give up, give in and would want to give back the business and the dogs.  That anticipated and hoped for end result never came true for the ones hoping I would fail.  Thus, the endless rollercoaster of lobbing more bombshells my way.

I filed a legal suit.  I won.  The people were legally exposed.  And the last several months, the latest tactic is to use another route to achieve their statement of, “I will ruin you in the dog and cattle business if you don’t give me my dogs back”, is to attack my sexuality.  Well folks, I am married to a male.  A man that is not remotely interested in my ranching lifestyle.  I do my ranching work myself with the help of my cowdogs.  And we are successful.  We will be successful today, tomorrow and clear into the future.

So to the people who breed Hangin’ Tree cowdogs and want to continue to “pull another show-stopping rabbit out of the hat”…shame on you.  This latest salvo will not work either.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame on you.   I’d suggest you go back to the drawing board.  Here is an idea, “Grow up.”  But, I know out of experience when you are dealing with people that are “self-absorbed drama addicts” you might as well just let them be because they have no remote clue how much better their lives could be if they lived in the values of truth and honesty.

So, as you:  (1) see their local, regional and national ads, (2) see or go to their low-stress cattle handling clinics, (3) see or go to their cowdog clinics and demonstrations, or (4) see them at ranch rodeos and tradeshows…remember this, “they have spent a lifetime bashing, trashing and hurting others”.  Afterall, the main reason they wanted to get out of the dog business in late 2007 was, “All the people you deal with are stupid and I am sick and tired of dealing with all the stupid people.”

I do appreciate all the lessons I have learned since December 2007 and the activities and events surrounding the expansion of my cowdog breeding program.  And, I feel sorry for those who have spent the past few years with burning up their mental minutes with trying to destroy me.

But, as usual, I hope everyone has a good day.

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To the people that have been encrypting all my email accounts, Facebook site, my Blog…you need to enjoy your encrypting efforts while you can.  The last 4 years of your antics will soon come to a close when you are exposed.  You can hack my sites all you want and steal information and phones calls from me.  But one thing that you cannot ‘hack in and get’ is my honest way of living.  Yes, keep telling people that your cowdogs are better than anyone elses.  But remember this…many people know and realize you are puppy milling and that you have two goals in life…one is greed, the second is hurting people.

Happy hacking to you and I hope you have a nice day.

We raise ‘happy’ cowdogs…even Ducchess loves her pups.  She’s 5 and a proven worker, great friend and an excellent mother to her 1st litter of pups.

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Getting a lot of inquiries about my new stash of “Wild Rags by Lois” so I thought I’d just post some pictures of them. Then, you can look for ‘www.wildragsbylois.com’ to see here fabric displays on her website. I tried to just lay these out so that you can get an idea of the colors and patterns.
The old lady leg bit and steel stirrups are rusty and they can give you an idea of the color contrast as well.
Each wild rag has a “Wild Rags by Lois” tag sewn into the hem and the ones I got are silk.

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