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Hfrs. Coming Home...Mon. Jul. 15, 2013 008

If you pop into my Blog and see that I haven’t posted here for over a month…here are a few reasons why!

Been haying, been hot and humid here, working on my divorce, more haying, more heat ‘n humidity, family sick, now I am sick (lol)…injured cowdogs, a lot of phone calls/messages/emails/FB inquiries, now really dragging from this rhino virus and all it’s extra negative impacts on my body.  I have kept all my phone calls, emails, etc.  It is times like these that the other people that raise, school, use cowdogs get an opportunity to sell more.  So it isn’t all bad that I’ve been out of the loop!  I will have puppies again this Fall.  I am into my 3rd generation of my own cowdog breeding program and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the product.  The pups from these mating have been doing well at their new homes, the reports are good and that is very rewarding. I appreciate all the feedback.

Here is my latest Facebook post to update folks…will share it here too.  Please know that it is written to be clad in a touch of “humor”.

~~SiCk UpDaTe~~

I’m gonna be blunt about this. I feel like shucks. But, I am better than yesterday. Hard to work but I got some hrs. of pasture mowing done yesterday. Drainage makes you have to get out of tractor to puke, standing up is a trick because you are dizzy, no balance, ears full, ears draining like a ear-down calf, nose running out the front and down the throat, sinus drainage, head pings or bangs, fever. Tossed in the towel at 6:30 last night. Sat in chair, fixed chickie soup with some extra hot chili peppers and garlic, ate some pumpkin, drank some hi powered dessert wine, took more drugs, gargled with more peroxide. One more day of hot, humid then cooler. I’ve got tons of phone calls, emails, messages…and they are all not going to get taken care of. So, if you follow me here…I’m sick, worn out, down, ready to be shot, I care that you called but I’m broke and consider myself “in the sick pen”. I need darted from a distance, roped thrown, pilled, lanced, shot up, you name it. So, if the “s” word offends you on this glorious day that the Lord has made, “so be it.” (lol…please understand!) So, I’m going to post this around to the various corners of my world so that I have everyone on the same page. Be advised that this stuff takes a few weeks to drag you down, takes a few weeks to eat you up, and takes a few weeks to see if there are a few pieces of you left to carry on. I am at week 1 of phase 2. So, I have 5 weeks to go…in my analysis. Take care, good luck if you get it. It seems to be all across the USA. Dodge the bullet if you can. I did good in the bullet dodging until I lost 3 nights of sleep, overly humid and hot here, and just flat out ran outta gas. ~Carry On

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