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Our office today…8 a.m. ’til 1:00 p.m.  Kinda thinkin’ we’ll end up with  5 or so inches of snow.  Sure is a good snow…enough moisture in it to make it good to drive on and easy to get around on.  We fed where the cattle would have some shelter and be close to water.

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A hard lesson some of us have to experience in life is that there are people that are “Bad Medicine”.

For 4 years, I have had to endure a person that has spewed bad things on me. And, 4 years later they have come to realize that they finally bumped into “a person” that was not going to be run over, give up and throw in the towel because of their bad medicine ways. I stood up to the bad person. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. They live by, “What people don’t know won’t hurt them.” I live by, “Honesty is the best policy.”

Spew on bad person, spew on. But hear this, “You did not win.”

Bert, my dear cowdog friend, this one is for you.

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The past few days with the abnormally warm weather the skies have been filled with Canadian geese heading north.  It is way too early.  But the Gulf states have been way too warm for weeks, tons of rain and more wheat and rye pasture than they can graze off.  I have cowdog customers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama reporting to me that they cannot stay ahead of their small grain pastures.  I wish I had that problem!  We are dry, way too warm and the outlook is for central Missouri to be wet and cool come March through May.  If that comes true, then it will be the 3rd year in a row without a normal cool season grass growing season.  That = no spring grass growth for pasture, no hay, no summer pasture.  I sure hope this is not going to be true.

But, judging by the volume of geese flying north the past several days, it does not appear to be “normal”.  We have also seen migrating blue birds and robins the past few days.  And the sparrows are doing the happy dance already…meaning little sparrows are in the works.  And, the skunks are cruising at night.  I can do without happy dancing skunks making little skunks.

I wonder what the price of commercial fertilizer is going to be?  If the spring is wet, cooler than normal and overcast then the decision a year ago to cut back on cattle numbers is going to look better every day.  I guess I will have to be like everyone else and wait to see what Mother Nature has in store.  The stars seem to be aligning towards more summer drought.  Won’t that just be dandy!

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Ducchess is 5 years old and from the 1st litter of Bert & Hawk pups.  She is one heck of a cowdog.  She’s a 50:50 heading:heeling cowdog.  Fast…lightening quick, savvy, stealthy, and all business when we are at work.  Superb with all classes of cattle.  She can work pastures, corrals, alleys, chutes, lots, trucks, trailers and can track cattle with the best of them.  She does not require an e-collar for work.  Plus, she will watch a gate all day long if that is what she is assigned.

Her first litter of pups is 4 males and 1 female.  They are named Martin (after the vet), Tom, Dick, Harry and Cash.

I am keeping all these pups at this time.  I want to see if they turn out to be just like there mom.  There sire is Oscar and he is a 50:50 cowdog.  He is a quiet worker and mostly used for pasture gathering.  He has a tendency to be a bit shy but that is attributed for the most part in how he was raised.  A great working cowdog and the thing that I have worked to correct the most is to work on his social skills.  He is light years from where he was when I bought him and he can be worked without an e-collar now.

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It’s Monday.  And it is   F O G G Y  …in central Missouri this morning. 

Since it’s foggy out I decided to go make buttermilk waffles for my mom for her breakfast. Used a wedding gift that she and dad got when they got married on April 10, 1952. Still a dandy waffle maker…after all these years. Now, she’s off to go quilt at church. Fog limits one’s sight to about 50 yds. but we can see that the yard is full of robins this morning. Sure hope the rest of my day turns out okay too!

A Facebook friend shot me a note, “Is it electric or do you still  have to use chunks of fired coal!”   Thanks to all my friends who send me ‘laughs’…enjoy your day!

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My friends in Colorado are working on a metal sign for me…in honor of my beloved Bert.  This is stage #2…it is about half done.  It’s looking like a dandy so far.  Denise Casey Werner and her hubby Tom Werner from Pritchett, Colorado…google “End of U Ranch” and you can look at more of their metal work.  Denise also hitches horsehair and makes some very fine jewelry.  They also make some unique antler goodies!

Denise and Tom ranch.  They have cattle, horses and catahoulas.  Google them and take a peek around.

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Feeding cattle today was full of surprises.  Early in the day you could hear large flocks of geese flying N.  We normally don’t hear geese heading N until weeks from now.  Then, this morning around 9 I just happened to look up at the sky and was amazed.  There was a plane overhead and it was making a “U-turn”.  But what was the true amazement was that there were trails of three other planes that had already made “U-turns”.  And in the distant SW sky there was another plane making a hard turn to its left and instead of the NE direction it had been traveling it was now headed due N.  I could only wonder, “What the heck?”  Needing to get back to work, the cowdogs and I buzzed on.

We loaded up a bale and headed to the NW pasture to feed some heifers.  It was about 45 minutes later and we were waiting on some cows to catch up with us.  Still pondering the sight of the sky back at the house, I looked up at the sky again.  I think my jaw dropped.  Here were more planes going around in circles.  Some turned and headed back from the direction they came from…the SW.  Two made hard turns to the right, flew to their right for a while and them turned back left to fly NE again.  Three more planes turned to their left and headed to the N.  One thing that struck me at this point was, “Why are there so many planes?  And, why the diversions or turnarounds?”

I was laughing to myself that central Missouri was apparently like “radioactive waste” and now declared a “no-fly zone”.  Yesterday our sky was frequented by military choppers.  Today, people on planes with places to go and people to see were possibly going to be disappointed that they were going to be a tad late for their original arrival times.  Heck, maybe these planes were just empty and the flights were training sessions for junior pilots!  Flight attendant training maybe!

But looking back at Wednesday, February 2, 2011 it too was a sunshiny day.  The slight difference between then and today is that then we awoke to over 30 some inches of snow…and for central Missouri that meant paralysis.  The road was covered with nearly 4 feet of snow and the county road grader lost track of the road and wound up in the ditch next to the driveway at the homeplace…at 5 a.m.  Poor grader driver was really hacked off and he was tired to boot.

Back to today.  All day long, I kept singin’ to my cowdogs…that old hippie, pot smokin’ song,  “We’ll go ’round in circles.  High like a plane up in the sky…”.  Not even sure of the words, but I sang and hummed it anyway!  By late afternoon, still hummin’, “We’ll go ’round in circles”, the yard was filled with bluebirds…100’s of bluebirds…just singin’ and a tweetin’.  A year ago, it was hungry birds trying to brace themselves to the ground while they picked through cattle poo and where I had fed hay…desperately finding food.  It’s hard to imagine the extreme difference between then and now.

Hum on…”We’ll go ’round in circles”!

~~Late this evening, Whiteman AFB confirmed these were military planes.  No confirmation if they were involved in chemical dumping though.  Commercial aircraft were diverted from the air space which explains the immediate change of flight path for some planes that came upon the contrail paths.

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